Greg Selkoe & Pharrell Talk KarmaloopTV With Bloomberg

Pharrell Williams and Karmaloop founder Greg Selkoe sat down with Bloomberg for a TV interview about their new cable channel, KarmaloopTV.

Williams, who serves as the channel’s creative director, and Selkoe explains how they’re niche network will compete and why is will work.

“You gotta give [viewers] what is it they’re looking for,” Williams said. “What we’ve talked about doing — Greg and I and his entire team — we talked about doing something that was super fun, and something that encourages the user to be both online and watching this network. Because, it has the things that they’re looking for. They are things that are just being completely overlooked, and what we wanna do is give them things to people. It seems like right now, cable network is very relevant.”

“We just think there’s a real opportunity here,” said Selkoe.

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