2K Sports Recreates Basketball’s Greatest Rivalries For ‘NBA 2K12’

By Jay Casteel (@jaycasteel)  |  08/04/2011

NBA 2K12 - Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird

This week, 2K Sports dropped a brand new NBA 2K12 trailer showcasing all the greats from the game. On Thursday (August 4), the game publisher revealed the title's new "NBA's Greatest" mode.

The new mode is an all-new playable game feature where gamers can relive professional basketball's most memorable rivalries -- including 15 historic NBA teams and their greatest players, including cover athletes Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson, as well as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Julius "Dr. J" Erving, among other basketball icons.

"The NBA 2K franchise has become an essential part of the NBA culture, and our fans can now take control of legendary teams and athletes from the NBA's rich history," said Jason Argent, vice president of marketing for 2K Sports. "With 'NBA's Greatest' mode, NBA 2K12 will allow fans to prove once and for all who are the greatest basketball icons of all-time."

In the upcoming installment, gamers have the ability to take Larry Bird's sweet stroke against Julius Erving's legendary above-the-rim offense, or pit Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers' "Showtime" offense against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls to see which iconic teams and legends would dominate in an ultimate showdown.

With the new mode, NBA 2K12 pays tribute to the teams and heroes that defined some of the league's greatest rivalries ... and even pit them against any current NBA franchise.

"NBA's Greatest" mode will allow fans to match Jordan's Bulls against the Miami Heat's "Big 3" of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh; Bird's Celtics against the Lakers' with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol; and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Lakers against the Orlando Magic with Dwight Howard.

NBA 2K12 drops October 4th. For more, visit 2KSports.com.