Shabazz The Disciple: Kiss Of Betrayal (Music Video)

Wu and Gravediggaz affiliate, Shabazz The Disciple, drops a brand new music video off his forthcoming album, Thug Bible.

The Varras Tower-directed clip opens with police raiding Shabazz’ hotel room, sometime after a drug transaction … what happened? As the video continues, it plays out weeks before the arrest, and shows the viewer how the entire situation played out.

In the weeks prior, police are running surveillance on the New York rapper, snapping photos as he meets with a drug supplier several times and his ladies go on shopping sprees. In the end, its an informant who turns him in, as he experiences the “kiss of betrayal.”

Thug Bible is coming soon. More videos are to come, Shabazz tells us.

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  1. surely the God has some influence over him to create another “cop gets nigga dope dealer” come on!  fuck knowledge wisdom and understanding right?  Filmin 7yr old black kids waivin guns and so on…man don’t let nobody ease u into perpetuatin what destroy the human race and with u as the dope boy ? come on man don’t sell into it

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