Diddy’s Son, Justin Combs, Wants To Make A Name For Himself Through College Football

By Allen Starbury  |  08/01/2011

Justin CombsJustin Combs is just 16, but he's making a name for himself. Not in the entertainment biz, but rather in sports.

Justin is the teen son of hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, and is becoming known in the minds of football scouts around the country as a prospect for Division 1 football.

After winning a national honor and securing BCS level scholarship offers, the Iona Prep student's future looks bright. He earned Scout.com All-Tournament honors at the New Level 7-on-7 National Championship after a strong performance locking down some of the nation's top receivers.

However, according to a story from Fox Sports' Scout.com, tough critics are saying his famous name is the only reason young Justin is getting his break.

Justin isn't letting them bother him though. Instead, he says he uses those doubts to motivate himself to silence those critics.

"Ever since I was young, my father always told me that people were going to have something to say," Combs told Scout.com. "At the end of the day, it is all fun and games to try to get you out of your game, but you just have to stay mentally strong and be able to play through it.

"You just shut them up with your ability on the field. Just play and your game will speak for itself. That is the way I feel."

Before the recruiting process began, it was unclear if Justin would be a legit candidate to play Division I football, but he's proven he is, and has received offers from schools such as Wyoming, Middle Tennessee State, UAB and Virginia.

Right now is an exciting time for the young son of Diddy. Illinois gave him offers from two BCS-level programs, and he plans to visit the campus soon. Other schools include Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State and even UCLA, Arizona State and also Cincinnati have shown interest, but said they'd get back to him.

"They seemed very excited," Justin said of Illinois. "We talked about the academics, the football team, the campus, the life there and stuff like that just so I could know a little bit about it. I am going to go out there and see the campus soon before my season.

"My coach told me today that he has been contacted by Iowa, Iowa State and Kansas State and they were interested," he continued. "UCLA, Arizona State and also Cincinnati said they were going to get back with me this week, so this is a big week for me."

While Justin has definitely grown up with more options, due to his father's connections and money, he says he wants to make his own name ... and football is where he plans to do it, on the college field.

"It is just the stuff you dream about as a kid," Justin said. "Getting letters in the mail and having coaches call you. It is the stuff you hear about, it is actually happening...

"I just want to show my hard work and how it pays off and to show that I deserve that spot and I deserve that scholarship. This why I deserve that scholarship -- I am going to show you why."