WTF? An $8.1 Million iPad 2? Luxury Gadget Guru Creates Ridiculous Pieces At Staggering Prices

iPad 2 Gold History Edition by Stuart Hughes

iPad 2 Gold History Edition by Stuart Hughes

When it comes to ridiculous and unnecessary products, British-born luxury gadget guru Stuart Hughes has the game on lock.

Hughes, and his wife Katherine, create and sell unique one-of-a-kind luxury pieces that hold price tags that will blow your mind. From iced out iPhones and gold PS3s to platinum Macbooks and gold and diamond-encrusted plasma TVs, he’s got it all. But, can you believe that he’s created an iPad 2 that’s selling for $8.1 million?

Crazy huh? In a frontpage blog post at Yahoo!, we saw this outrageous thing.

Dubbed the “Gold History Edition,” the iPad boasts 12.5 cts of flawless diamonds, and is encased in a 24 ct. gold casing that weighs 2,000 grams.

The craziest thing about the gadget is its frame, though. It’s made from incredibly rare Ammolite rock, stone that Hughes says it 75 million years old. The rock also splinters and shavings from … a Tyrannosaurus Rex thigh bone, dating back 65 million years.

Now that’s crazy!! This iPad is limited to just two units … and coasts a pretty penny.

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  1. Now thats sad, why outfit an Ipad with 8.1 million dollars worth of jewelry thats going have outdated hardware by September when the Ipad 3 come out. Epic Fail

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