Master P Drops First Single Off ‘Get Money’ Soundtrack, Says He & Gucci Mane ‘Bout To Go Hard’

By Allen Starbury  |  07/22/2011

Master PMaster P and Gucci Mane revealed earlier this year that they would star together in an upcoming film, titled "Get Money," a "dramatic and humorous film" about the life of a street hustler.

The film will also include a soundtrack, which both have been working on ... and P unleashed the first single, named after actress, "Meagan Good," who was also cast in the forthcoming movie.

In the film, Master P plays a hardcore gangster rapper named "Monstahh," alongside his his partner-in-crime Big G (played by rapper Gucci Mane). Both rap stars are trapped by the street life, but have big dreams of making it in the music business.

When director Sal Martino needed music for the film, he asked for some Master P archives that have never been heard before, so the hip-hop vet obliged, sending him a CD, label "MP Lost Tapes," containing 24 songs. 12 were instantly chosen, but when he heard a song called "She Got That Good," produced by Chip (aka Roi Anthony), he felt it was perfect to introduce the film's soundtrack.

"This is a club banger," says Martino. "This is what the game has been missing. It's a feel-good record, a song for the females and the streets; a perfect first single for the Get Money soundtrack."

"I got Chip to add some up-to-date sounds to the beat, and I've been talking to Meagan Good on the phone and decided to give the song a character and named it 'Meagan Good,' since she is one of the finest actresses in the game right now," added P. "She's classy, hood, sexy, independent and beautiful. I think every woman can relate and every guy wants to be with."

"Meagan Good" -- which features Bengie B, Valentino and Romeo -- has been released through Master P's label, No Limit Forever Records. He says now that Gucci Mane has been released from jail, things will move forward quickly.

"Now that Gucci Mane is home, we bout to go hard," said P.

The soundtrack also includes Snoop Dogg, Eastwood, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Silkk The Shocker, and artists from P and his son Romeo's No Limit label. Both the "Get Money" soundtrack and film are set to drop in 2012.

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