Kanye West Tweets Shot To Wiz: ‘When He’s Eating Her P****, He’s Tasting The Whole of Hip-Hop’

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa

Kanye West and Wiz KhalifaA rumored beef between Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West, over the Chicago rap star’s ex (Amber Rose), seems to be a constant topic on gossip blogs … and it continued this week with a subliminal shot from Ye.

This week, West allegedly sent a tweet out, aimed squarely at Wiz and Amber … and it was blistering.

“When he’s eating her p****, he’s tasting the whole of Hip-Hop. #SuckerForLove,” the Chicago rapper wrote sometime Wednesday (@KanyeWest), but it mysteriously disappeared shortly after.

However, Bossip.com caught a screenshot of it as proof.

West has been pretty inactive on the social network over the last several months … but after seeing clips of Wiz licking Amber Rose up-n-down all over the net (see below), filmed during some recent performances, he apparently felt compelled to say something.

Their rumored beef has been brewing for quite some time now, and this wasn’t the first time West has sent some subtle shots. During his performance of “Stronger” at the Coachella Festival last April, he took a swipe at Rose by changing a few words to the song.

The original lyrics of the song includes a line which says: “I’d do anything for a blonde dyke. And she’ll do anything if the time’s right”.

Yet, with Rose and Wiz rumored to be watching the show, West altered the line to: “Well, I did anything for a blonde dyke, and she’ll do anything for the limelight / and we did anything when the time’s right, uh, baby you making it … harder, better, faster, stronger.”

The two reportedly had a confrontation backstage, although Wiz later denied reports, and even said he and Rose had already left the concert before West went on.

Whether Wiz tweeted the words or not, it’s still pretty funny.

  1. the fact of the matter is
    Kanye was eatin it too so..
    STFU and share

  2. smh I lose more and more respect for kanye as the seasons pass..
    1st I lost some when he was parading around with Amber when he coulda
    had any black queen out there but basically gave the queens his ass to kiss..
    then he whored himself out and posted naked pics of himself all over the net..
    now he’s on twitter fuckin with a kid over a bitch

  3. Its like a lame niggas twitter and facebook stalkn his ex bitch cuz he still in love wit her lls kanwe(g bush voice) a lame for dat

  4. Its like a lame niggas twitter and facebook stalkn his ex bitch cuz he still in love wit her lls kanwe(g bush voice) a lame for dat

  5. pffft..people are so full of shit..amber does not have one ugly bone on her body..jealous(sp)

  6. I am a huge Kanye fan but he is being a pussy about it all now. Kim kardishian is more of a whore than Amber


  8. She’s not black enough for you? A lot of cape verdeans are mixed. I’m guessing your just another dark skinned person hating on mixed girls because they are beautiful.

  9. That was probably kim k that tweet it from kanyes twitter account amber is pretty and her body is 100 natural sorry kim but your a fake bitchh

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