Lil Mama Breaks Down In Tears, After Charlamagne Tha God Goes In During Radio Interview

Lil Mama

When Lil Mama broke onto the scene in 2007, with her breakout hit “Lip Gloss,” her future looked bright. But, growing up in the public eye isn’t always easy … and the young celebrity has had a hard time with the transition from a teen rapper to a young adult.

The rapper visited New York City’s Power 105 “Breakfast Club” morning show Wednesday morning (July 20) to talk about new music, but ended up in the hot seat and at the mercy of host Charlamagne Tha God.

Immediately after being introduced, Charlamagne went in, referring to Mama as the “Voice of the young scrubbleface” as opposed to the “Voice of the Young People” (the title of her 2008 debut album) … and things just continued from there.

When Mama questioned his comments, the host elaborated “cause your young and you have an old face, like Drake says ‘I’m really too young to be looking this old.’ ”

First, she sparred with Charlamagne, sending shots right back, saying his face looked like “someone stomped it.”

“Yo, y’all gotta see Charlamagne’s face, seriously,” Lil Mama responded. “If you ever seen this guy’s face, you gotta see it. It look like someone stomped it.”

“I know I’m ugly, but that’s what we have you here for, to…” the host said in rebuttal, before Mama interrupted, “to let people know what beauty looks like.”

However, eventually, Mama couldn’t take Charlamagne’s verbal assault any longer, and broke down in tears, as she reflected on her mother who passed away at the beginning of her career.

“I’ve taken a step away from music,” an emotional Lil Mama revealed. “I’m getting into the music now. My music speaks for itself. I’m not here to say what I’m gonna do. When I was seventeen years old I put out an album while my mother was dying of cancer. That right there alone is struggle. That’s hard. That’s tough for anybody. But my music will speak for itself. My actions will speak for itself. My mother will be proud, my father will be proud. And at the end of the day nobody can stop me. Period.”

Before the interview wrapped, Mama made peace with the Power 105 staff, including Charlamagne, and vowed to win her fans back … through her music.

Before her emotional breakdown, Mama also addressed comments she made about Nicki Minaj weeks ago, where she suggested the the YMCMB First Lady bit her style, specifically her hair style.

“The last time that we’ve seen any female MCs before Nicki there was me” Mama declared. “And when it came to radio interviews people were always asking ‘where’s the female MCs, where’s the female MCs’ where at this point i’ve stepped back from music at this moment. Still continuing with television in my career people would probably ask her that same question. So it’s just a lot of controversy around being a female in Hip-Hop that a lot of time our community focuses on celebrating one female MC at a time and I think that’s where it comes in at the controversy, ‘who stole what style.’ At the end of the day i’m talented and there’s only one Lil Mama.”

  1. I use to respect Lil Mama’s music, she has become a person who thinks she’s more talented than she is. She has not been in the industry long enough for her opinion to hold any weight. Did you see how she disrespected Alicia Keys & Jay Z during their performace, who the hell does she think she is?

  2. mad bumps round her mouth..
    she could NEVER hit the J..
    Im just sayin

  3. Charlemagne was very ugly and unprofessional.  Lil Mama gained my respect from this interview.

  4. Charlemagne was very ugly and unprofessional.  Lil Mama gained my respect from this interview.

  5. okay so that’s what Charlmagne looks like? I just moved here to NYC and i’ve never heard of him before I moved here. But by looking at him, it explains a lot. 0_o… he’s a mess. Desperate housewives standing at the water cooler is less catty and bitchy as this insecure negro. He tried to blast lil’ mama, but he told more on himself than he did on her. What grown a** man try to punk a young girl?! fcukin’ weirdo.

  6. I never liked lil mamas music but i respect her after this interview..that guy charlamagne is a dick..she countered everything he said with facts..he just was trying to pic on the one artist that comes to the show that he knows cant help his “career”…nigga one of the highlights of your career is “doing a pilot” lmao..doing a pilot means nothing..anyone can do a pilot…and having one of the biggest radio shows right now means nothing u will be replaced in a year or two…good work keepng your cool for as long as you did Lil Mama…

  7. I love lil mama but don’t try to get on me girl Nicki she #1 in my book

  8. Lil mama is talented and being a young black female from Brooklyn being an artist isn’t easy…I respect her so much for all that she’s been through and still in the game holding her own. Who the fuck cares that she went on stage with knocked kneed jay z and home wreaking washed up ass manly ass Alicia, she was paying homage trying to show them that she was excited to go up there. I’ve seen it done plenty of times before but since it was “jay-z” it was a problem? Fuck them lil mama is DOPE and REAL! fuck the phony shit she’s a human being with feelings and the way the media tried to clown her is just fucked up period

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