NBA Player, Michael Beasley, Busted For Marijuana Possession

Michael Beasley

Michael BeasleyMinnesota Timberwolves forward, Michael Beasley, was caught with weed last week in a Minneapolis suburb, but got off pretty easy.

The 22-year-old NBA pro was pulled over at around 3 a.m. in late June, after an officer clocked him going 84 on the Interstate in Minnetonka.

Once approaching the vehicle, the officer noticed a strong order of marijuana coming from inside the car, prompting a search.

A report says 16.2 grams were found under the front passenger seat, which Beasley claimed the marijuana was not his, but belonged to a friend whom he had just dropped off.

Beasley was ticketed for possession of marijuana and speeding, and released.

At press time, it’s unclear what kind of disciplinary action the NBA will take on him. The Timberwolves told that they can’t comment on the incident during the lockout.

Beasley’s off-the-court recreation is well-known. In September 2008, he was fined $50,000 by the NBA after security officers at his symposium detected the scent of marijuana in a hotel room occupied by himself, Mario Chalmers, Darrell Arthur, and two women. While Chalmers and Arthur were fined $20,000, Beasley received the stiffer fine for trying to hide his presence from NBA officials.

Nearly a year later, in 2009 while with the Miami Heat, he checked into rehab at the request of Pat Riley. It’s unknown how long he stayed at the Houston facility.

  1. Can we please stop blowing a $128 misdemeanor fine out of proportion? Let the dude take a toke or two while he watches the next year of his life being played out across a hardwood table instead of the court…the real criminals are those who are causing the dang lockout!

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