The Blackberry Dying A Slow Death, Slips To #3 Behind The iPhone

By Allen Starbury  |  07/06/2011

Blackberry versus the iPhoneWith the popularity of the Apple's iPhone and Android devices continuing to rise, where does that leave RIM and its Blackberry?

Dying a slow death, it seems.

Google's Android is leading the way among the smartphone market within the U.S., while Apple is now in second, and Blackberry-maker RIM is at a distant third.

Google increased its share from 33% in February to 38.1% in May, while Apple increased to 26.6% from 25%, according to recent ComScore reports.

However, the greatest disappointment came from the RIM quarter, as the BlackBerry maker reduced its marketshare from 28% to 24%.

Despite rolling out new models, including touchscreens, of their Blackberry devices, RIM has consistently lost market share. Up until last year, it was the most favored device among corporate users and college-goers, thanks to its secure email and BBM service.

Apple recently launched a feature with iOS 5 called the iMessage, which could spell doom for the Blackberry's popular "BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)." It allows users to send unlimited text messages to other iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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