Acropolis Spring 2011

Acropolis Spring 2011

We recently became familiar with a new brand based out of Los Angeles, and wanted to share it with you. It’s called Acropolis Apparel. It hasn’t been around long, dropping its first seasonal collection during the 2010 holidays, but are definitely one to watch out for.

Acropolis’ most recent collection is their Spring MMXI line, which includes at least 10 new tees in multiple colorways.

Some of our faves are the Inception tee; the Assassination featuring the Morte de Césare (Death of Caesar) painting by Vincenzo Camuccini; and the Tyrant, featuring the Acropolis crest logo.

Pieces from the Spring collection sell for $24 and $26 on their webstore at, and/or at special retailers. The Summer collection is coming soon…

The brand is built upon the timeless ideals of progressive thought and revolutionary action, says the company. Their pieces are influenced by world history, iconic symbolism, and human achievement.

The name itself Acro (highest) polis (city) literally translates to: highest city.

“As a metaphor for greatness, Acropolis embodies the glory, power and splendor of an advanced society at its pinnacle,” the company’s History page reads. “As the birthplace of democracy, the Acropolis helped lead to the free thinking and individualism we enjoy in the world today.”