Freddie GibbsIndiana rapper and CTE recording artist, Freddie Gibbs, has never been on to bite his tongue, no matter who’s feathers get ruffled.

From DJ Khaled and Rick Ross to Lil B and Lil Wayne, if you ask Gangsta Gibbs his opinion on something, he’ll tell you. It’s no secret he’s not with the industry politics.

So, when Complex recently questioned him about the new school of rappers on the come up, the rapper said everybody’s got their lane, just like him. However, he says a lot of the “new school” rappers would change their style up just to fit in, especially Drake and Big Sean.

“I don’t think motherfuckers got their own identity and purpose. And nobody got no integrity,” Gibbs said. “N****s be rapping like other n****s, I don’t understand that sh**. Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell the difference between Drake and Big Sean, so I be like, ‘Is this a Drake song or a Big Sean song?’ I don’t know man, I don’t be f***ing with sh** like that.

“These n****s don’t know what they want to be,” he continued. “If it was the most popping sh** to be the most gangsta n**** — like it was back in the day — I guarantee them n****s would be on some hard sh**. I guarantee they’d be twisting their fingers up. They already be trying to do it! It’ll be the element of n****s they be around and then they get on that brolic sh**. Drake be throwing gang signs and sh**, I be seeing whatever the f*** he’s throwing up. I don’t know. He go to the wrong place and he’ll be f***ed up.”

As far as Wale, well, to Gibbs, that style — alongside with Big Sean — is weirdo sh**.

Wale is a member of Ross’ Maybach Music Group. While Gibbs ain’t feeling most of the music coming out of the camp, he says he’d definitely put his money on Pill.

“I don’t listen to Wale. Pill’s solid. I don’t know Meek Mill too much, but I definitely don’t listen to Wale’s sh**,” Gibbs explained. “See, you can’t even f***ing pinpoint it. You can’t even put these n****s in a box and label it. All of these n*ggas.”

As the interview continues, Freddie gives his opinion on everyone — Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and even Lil B, some of the same people he hasn’t been exactly nice to in the past.

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