‘420-Friendly’ Accessories Company, IBUDYOU, Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

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misc - MarijuanaIBUDYOU, a New York based company founded in the heart of the Lower East Side’s (LES) street art movement, will celebrate their one-year anniversary this July.

Creating products, featuring real marijuana plant images, the brand is utilizing their love of legalization to participate in upcoming collaborations, events and limited edition releases over the next year.

The company was born out of 1Hundredb, a one-year pop-up/graffiti mecca in the LES, founded by Are and Dia. Both legendary and aspiring artists from all over the city would visit and create work in the store as well as request to get “budded” by Are, leaving with “I BUD YOU” lovingly tagged in their black books.

Wanting to share happiness, but unable to draw in everyone’s piece books, Are and Dia began creating IBUDYOU stickers, and it evolved from there.

“Starting with stickers and now moving on to bedding sets, USB drives, music composition and more, we’re excited to be spreading our love and mission further than ever anticipated,” said Dia. “IBUDYOU is a large collective of amazing talent.Our tribe and crusaders fight for their belief in the decriminalization of cannabis through all artistic means.”

Additionally, the company produces pillow cases, and several other products, featuring images of real life marijuana plants.

IBUDYOU has now honed their business model to promote medical cannabis by donating a portion of proceeds to NORML, a non-profit lobbying organization dedicated to working to legalize marijuana, stop arrests of smokers, and provide educational research and legal information on marijuana.

Consistent online sales, new accounts opening daily worldwide, and upcoming collaborations in fashion, music and art industries are positioning IBUDYOU as a “blossoming” well-known and respected name in the lifestyle and culture arenas.

For more info, visit IBUDYOU.com.

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