Los Angeles-based clothing brand, The Seventh Letter, have been dropping gear for over a decade … and over the past week, unleashed their 2011 Summer tee drop on their website.

The summer t-shirt collection consists of at least 12 new graphic tees, with a few designs in two colorways.

A few of our faves are the “Stairway to Heaven” tee, which features a graff artist scaling a fire escape to hit a rooftop; the “Survival Of The Fittest” tee, featuring the 7th Letter logo atop a pyramid with the all-seeing eye sitting on top; and the simple “Fear” tee with the bold phrase “FEAR NO ART.” printed on the front.

The tees sell for $25 a pop, and are available now at TheSeventhLetter.com.

The Seventh Letter was founded in 2000 by Casey “Eklips” Zoltan, acting as a platform for the crew’s artists to showcase their work in the form of apparel, art exhibitions and other special projects. Members under the Seventh Letter umbrella include Revok, Retna, Saber, Push, Rime and Zes.