While White Girl Mob mouthpiece Kreayshawn has been riding high off the skyrocketing popularity of her debut single, “Gucci Gucci,” other lesser-known members of the East Oakland collective have been making headlines for some more controversial things.

White rapper V-Nasty has caused controversy for her nonchalant use of the “N” word … and the headlines aren’t slowing her down none either.

L.A.-based streetwear brand The Hundreds (TheHundreds.com) — who have been supporting Kreayshawn and her White Girl Mob movement before they began taking off — recently spend a day with V-Nasty to get a little insight into her background and just how she spends her day.

This short clip begins with V-Nasty talking about her repeated arrests, some of which have landed her in juvenile hall and jail; a specific fight that landed her a case; and jail food. And … she continues her use of the “N” word throughout.