Lil B - Im Gay coverartHe’s caused a lot of controversy when he revealed its title back in April, via the Coachella stage. Now, Lil B portrays a message with the cover of his controversial, upcoming I’m Gay album.

The cover, which was leaked on, shows imagery depicting slavery and freedom.

There’s three frames on the coverart: the first and second being “Slavery” and “Mental Slavery”, both of which shows shackled slaves partying in a basement; and the last being “Mental Freedom”, showing a raucous block party with a rapper performing in the daylight.

It pays homage to Marvin Gaye’s cover for I Want You, which Camp Lo also previously paid tribute to with the coverart for their 1997 debut, Uptown Saturday Night.

In addition to the coverart unveiling, Lil The Based God revealed the full album title. Instead of simply, “I’m Gay,” the official title for his upcoming album will be IM GAY (IM HAPPY).

At press time, there was no release date for the controversial album.

The Based God revealed Wednesday (June 15) that he will be featured on a track alongside Lil Wayne, for the rapper’s upcoming mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait.

“studio with @liltunechi last night was amazing we got something 4 yall, check me out Lil Wayne Feat Lil B ON HIS NEW MIXTAPE SWAG – Lil B,” Lil B tweeted (@LilBTheBasedGod).