Lil WayneLil Wayne headlined 2011 Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee on Friday night (June 10), and during so, treated fans to a surprise and made hip-hop history, when he reunited with estranged Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh.

Fresh showed up on stage with Weezy for a performance of the Mannie Fresh-produced “Go D.J.”

The two artists had not appeared on stage together since Mannie split from Cash Money Records in 2005, over a financial dispute. Before then, Fresh was the label’s main producer, helping craft their sound and responsible for such hits as Juvenile’s “Ha”, and B.G.’s “Bling, Bling.”

In an interview with MTV before the event, Mannie hinted that something was in the works.

“It’s a possibility. Like I said, there’s no beef. No animosity,” Mannie told MTV. “I got a great deal of respect for Wayne. You know, from where he started to where he at right now. He’s on top of his game. So it’s a possibility [we could reunite]. You never know.”

As Manny continued his chat with MTV, he said he’s there. Now, it’s up to Weezy.

“That would be hot,” he said. “But, you know, my half, I’m there. We’re going to leave the rest of it on him, you know what I’m saying?”