BirdmanWhen you bet big, there’s always a chance you’ll lose big.

While Cash Money Records CEO, Birdman, may have won a $1 million cash bet during the Super Bowl earlier this year, his supposed bet on the NBA Finals made him take an “L.”

The record label owner/rapper previously revealed that he had placed a $2 million bet on the Miami Heat to take the Finals series.

However, on Sunday night (June 12), his winning hopes went out the window.

For the first time in franchise history, the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship, beating the Heat 105-95 in Game Six. The game reached the highest television ratings for a Game Six in 11 years.

During the game, Birdman seemed confident that his team would win, tweeting (@Birdman5Star): “Don’t panic real n****z know tha rules stay heat YMCMBusiness.2million gone turn 2. 4m.”

In the end, the Heat lost. Despite the loss, Birdman headed out to LIV nightclub in Miami, where he partied the night away, alongside Lil Wayne and the Dallas Mavericks.

$2 million shouldn’t hurt Birdman’s pockets much. Back in March, Forbes ranked him in the top 5 of their “Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists” list, worth an estimated net worth of $100 million. Despite the staggering number, the hip-hop mogul insisted — in an interview shortly after — that the estimated number was “low for a n****” like him.