Suge Knight To Become Latest Face Of PETA In Dog-Chaining Campaign

Suge Knight

Suge KnightWhile he has always had a reputation of a tough guy, Suge Knight truly has a softer side, especially for animals … and will show it in an upcoming PETA ad.

The former Death Row Records CEO will be one of the upcoming faces of PETA, as part of an anti-dog chaining campaign, according to a report from

Knight’s publicist, Kali Bowyer, confirmed the news, releasing a statement from the former hip-hop mogul about his passion for “man’s best friend.”

“Dogs deserve our love and attention not a life of ‘solitary confinement’ at the end of a chain,” Knight said via a statement. “Dogs depend on us to take care of them, to keep them safe and healthy. Chaining a dog is one of the cruelest things you can to do them — they are social animals.”

While Suge is scheduled to shoot the ads in the coming weeks, its unclear when the ads would be released.

Stay tuned…

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