Alkaholiks and The BeatnutsTwo of hip-hop’s most heralded underground groups from the ’90s, the Alkaholiks and the Beatnuts (Psycho Les and JuJu), are joining forces for a collaborative EP.

According to, the forthcoming project will be titled Liknuts.

The Beatnuts are currently overseas, touring in support of their upcoming release, Planet of the Crates. During a stop in Germany, the revealed the news of their team-up with Tha Liks.

“We got an EP coming with [the] Alkaholiks called ‘Liknuts,’ so look out for that. That’s gonna be before the Planet,” Les told Splash! Magazine during a video interview in Germany.

The EP would drop before their Crates album. However, they’ve yet to decide on a label to release it. There’s a few options available, but, they are leaning toward Universal Records, says Psycho Les.

Right now, they’re focused on finishing Crates, and putting it out, which they will be doing soon.

“Well in the next month or two, after we finish this tour, we’re going to go back home and finish it up,” group member, JuJu, tells Splash! Magazine. “We already got a couple of joints that’s done already. We’re going to do like two or three joints tonight.”

Release dates for both projects were unknown at press time.