Tribal Summer 2011

Original streetwear brand, Tribal Gear, has just unleashed their brand new Summer 2011 collection, boasting a slew of new styles, designs, and colorways.

The new line boasts over 30 new tee styles, both for men and women, created by artists they’ve continued to work with over the years — including Risky, Mouse, Flaks, Munk One, Maxx 242, and Huit, among others.

Additionally, Tribal dropped a few new hats, women’s wife beaters, new shorts, some demin, new backpacks, several accessories, and more.

This is a little peak at the designs, most of which are currently available at their official website,

The San Diego-based brand originally launched in 1989 in Southern California, as a lifestyle inspired clothing brand. Over the years, it’s appealed to a wide array of groups and people, from musicians and skateboarders, to b-boys and the tattoo culture. They recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary, and dropped a DVD documentary (available on their website) chronicling their journey through two decades.