DOOM x Akomplice Clothing

Mysterious underground rap phenom, MF DOOM, has teamed up with clothing brand Akomplice for a very intriguing collaboration set to drop on Wednesday (June 8).

The release, however, is being kept a mystery, just like DOOM’s identit. So far, all that is known is that the project will be available for just a one-day period (24-hour) on the day’s of its release.

From the pics, sent to us from Akomplice, we seen that the DOOM x Akomplice collabo will come encased in a crate, which is nailed shut, featuring both the AK and DOOM logos laser-inscribed on its lid; and comes with a custom designed steel crowbar to pry open the mini crate.

The project will be available exclusively at the Akomplice online store,

The contents of the box will only be revealed to those have purchased it … only until it’s delivered and opened.

Knowing both parties, it’s sure to be an interesting surprise.

The box will retail for $49, and will drop for a 24-hour time span from 9 a.m. PST on Thursday, until ending the following day at 9 a.m. PST.