2K Sports’ annual title, NBA 2K, is by far the most anticipated drops each year … and is widely considered the best NBA simulation out there. Last year’s 2K11 was touted as not only best basketball simulation to date, but the best in sports, period. The developer is trying to continue the tradition for 2K12.

The 2011 E3 convention is in full swing this week in Los Angeles, and 2K Sports revealed the release date for the upcoming title — October 4th on both the Xbox 360, and the PS3.

They also offered a first look (see the clip above), showing off new features in NBA 2K12’s Playstation Move version, including “NBA On The Move”, which they say works for the advanced and even casual gamers.

A rep for the company said they plan to “deliver the best NBA simulation experience ever.”

A cover athlete has yet to be unveiled.