NasNas has a lot of things cooking these days.

While he revealed that his anticipated Lost Tapes 2 album was on hold, the rapper has been working on a bunch of new music.

Recently, he reunited with Mobb Deep for some recording sessions, which resulted in the leak of a track called “Dog Sh**”, and according to Havoc, a full-length collaborative effort between the two Queensbridge acts is in the works.

But, that’s not all.

Late last year, Nas revealed that he’s hard at work on his next solo album, which will be titled Life Is Good. Now, he’s preparing the release of its first single, titled “Nasty”.

In an interview with MTV’s “Sucka Free,” the rapper revealed that his forthcoming album is nearing completion.

“It’s not done. It’s almost there,” Nas admitted. “It feels good. It feels like… I’m letting a lot go on this, and I’m happy that I’m here. I’m just a survivor. I look at a lot of us like survivors. This is music for survivors. This is the keep your hope, to change your mind state when you don’t think it’s good. It is, man, no matter what.

“So when they get a taste of it, they gon’ feel exactly what it’s coming from and they gon’ know what it is. Take it from a man who experienced it,” he continued.

Additionally, Nas tells MTV that he will be addressing a lot of personal issues he’s gone through in recent years, including his public split with ex-wife Kelis. Nas says the subject matter was too important to leave out because “it’s all life.” However, he didn’t give any specific details.

At press time, it was unclear when “Nasty” would premiere, and/or a release for the Life Is Good album.