GrafhQueens rapper, Grafh, has been riding with manager Chaz Williams and Black Hand Entertainment since hopping into the game since the early 2000s. However, this week, he announced some changes to his team.

In a statement released on his website (, the rapper revealed that he has parted ways with Williams and is currently a free agent.

But, explained that while there are no hard feelings between he and his former team, and admits that it was a difficult decision to leave.

“I have a major announcement to make: I am a free agent,” Grafh said in a letter addressed to “fans and friends.”

“I am no longer signed to any label,” he continued. “My long-time manager and mentor, Chaz Williams, and I have also decided to end our professional relationship. Anyone who has followed my career thus far knows how hard of a decision this was for me. My name has been synonymous with Chaz and Blackhand since the beginning. Therefore, I wanted to take the time to explain.”

As the statement continued, Grafh clarified any speculation about his departure, saying that there isn’t no beef with Williams. Instead, says both are busy with their own projects and splitting was a move they both agreed upon.

“There is no beef between Chaz and myself. We are family, and will always be family,” said Grafh. “It was a mutual decision to go our separate ways. We’ve both been busy with our own projects, and this was just a natural progression. I’m going in a new direction creatively, and needed to start fresh in order to make that transition. Chaz has been supportive of my growth. It’s all about the present.”

One of his first moves as a free agent will be to release a new EP he’s been working on as an appetizer for his forthcoming debut album. The EP, titled The Rule, will drop in July, with his official album coming sometime after.

Grafh describes the EP as work that “looks and sounds like nothing I’ve done before.”

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