Kreayshawn Signs Deal With Sony For Over $1 Million?


KreayshawnOakland-bred newcomer, Kreayshawn, has seen her world turned upside down nearly overnight, ever since she released the music video for her catchy “Gucci Gucci” tune just over a week ago.

The clip spread virally, garnering over 1.5 million views to the original video on Youtube and many more around the web. Apparently, the buzz has paid off, resulting in a record deal.

According to, a bidding war for the 21-year-old indie female spitter began, following the instant attention of “Gucci Gucci” … and now, she’s landed a deal with Sony.

Sources tell Miss Info that Kreayshawn signed to the label for over $1 million just days ago.

However, as of press time, an official announcement had not been released, and the rapper, herself, seems to be denying it.

“How can I get signed? I’m pregnant with twins!” she wrote on Twitter (@KREAYSHAWN).

Complex seems to think the denial is “all part of her brilliant marketing plan.”

Us, we don’t know what to think. We’ll await the announcement.

Check out the clip below, produced by The Hundreds, of Kreayshawn’s performance last week in San Francisco.

  1. For some reason…Dont know balla status seams determined to push this story forward.So all play along.”The clip spread virally, garnering over 1.5 million views to the original video on Youtube”.Thier are videos on You tube of people playing with thier cats that have gotten three times as many views.Do i need to say anything else?

  2. Why is the story upsetting you? The Biebster got a deal the same way and I’m sure his views did not exceed those of the dancing cats either, so you do need to say something else. Remember, in the real world a few years ago, you could put out an indi album on your own, sell 20,000 copies and get a deal. Don’t know if she got a deal and I doubt she would get a 1mm deal even if she did get signed, if there wasn’t a bidding war, but if her video got that many views and she is moving singles on iTunes, a label would sign her.

  3. I heard the Gucci Gucci song and I was like alright this is something different. A weird emo white chick rapping, it had my attention. Then I listened to the song and it was listenable. The beat and video are on point. He delivery is cool even though the lyrics are questionable at times. It is different. But then I went and listened to her mixtape and it’s absolutely horrible. This song is probably the best thing she will ever releases in her career. Her mixtape is aweful beyond words. A million dollar deal? I guess anything is possible. I can see this selling to the masses of little white girls who want to be hip hop. But I can’t support it as good music regardless

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