Amber Rose Calls Vibe Cover Story ‘Untrue And Ridiculous’

Amber Rose on Vibe June, July 2011 Cover

Amber Rose on Vibe June, July 2011 CoverThe cover for Vibe’s Sexy Issue features Amber Rose, in which she discusses some controversial subjects — including her life, post-Kanye; and her rumored relationship with Reggie Bush.

But now, it seems has though the model isn’t exactly feeling what was printed in the cover story. She expressed her anger in a series of tweets late Saturday evening (May 28).

Rose called the story “untrue and ridiculous.”

“Just read ‘my’ interview in @VibeMagazine half of the story was untrue & ridiculous,” she wrote (@DaRealAmberRose). “F##k that Cover F##K @VibeMagazine yall wrote a bunch of negative bullsh** that I never said or did.

“Yall don’t give a f*** that I have a Mom & Family that’s gonna read that fake ass sh** I gave yall a truthful interview & Yall f***ed me,” Rose continued. “I’m so sick of keeping my mouth shut I didn’t ask for this life it was handed to me I was nothing but nice to everyone I spoke to @ Vibe.”

At press time, it’s unclear what exactly Rose had an issue with, regarding the story.

Some seem to feel that her rant was simply an attempt to help boost magazine sales.

Vibe had not responded to Rose’s accusations.

Vibe’s June/July Sexy Issue is a double cover that also features Miami rapper Rick Ross and is scheduled to hit newsstands on June 6.

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  1. She’s offically gone hollywood.Step one:Do a cover story that doesnt garner the attention you DESPERATLEY need.Step two:Tweet about how terrible they are.Through the magazine under the bus and claim they misquoted you blah blah blah.Step three:Pray to god your pathetic stunt generates a couple of extra copys sold.THIS SHIT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE…ya heard me?

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