Cassidy Says Producer Swizz Beatz Won’t Take His Calls

Cassidy and Swizz BeatzCassidy has been having some legal issues, following an arrest earlier this month in New Jersey, but that’s not all he’s been dealing with. Apparently, some of his personal relationship have fallen apart, and one good friend won’t even return his calls.

In a series of Twitter posted earlier this week, the Philly rapper revealed that he hasn’t spoken to mentor Swizz Beatz in over a year. In fact, he says the super producer won’t even take his calls.

“@THEREALSWIZZZ don’t even answer my calls anymore,” Cassidy wrote (@CASSIDY_LARSINY). “We ain’t speak in over a year: i thought we was fam, but times change, Smh That why I changed.. Ain’t no love loss.. It is what it is.”

As he continued replied to Swizzy, the rapper explained that the producer released him from their deal so that he could explore other things, and since then, they haven’t spoken.

However, Cass said there was no love lost.

“It’s never a war, I’m just speaking my mind.. How can we talk if you never pick up, You said you let me do my own thing ASAP, but what does that have to do wit communicating, since I’m doing my own thing you don’t talk to me anymore..,” Cassidy wrote. “Thats crazy..

“@THEREALSWIZZZ the only reason I’m on twitter is cause that’s the only way I can reach you.. RealRap,” he concluded.

Cassidy and Swizz Beatz were very close at the beginning of the rapper’s career. Swizz signed Cassidy to his Full Surface imprint, and is responsible for his biggest hits — “I’m a Hustla,” “My Drink N My 2 Step,” and “Hotel.”

At press time, it didn’t look like Swizzy had replied to Cassidy’s tweets.

However, on the same day Cassidy had tweeted about the lack of communication, the producer wrote: “Positive vibes in 2011 plus anything else will not be accepted point blank period!!!!!!!#lifeis2short4BS”

  1. smh I wouldnt take the nigga calls either fuckin hoodlum!!!
    niggaz is grown , married, with a new born baby..
    you think his wife Alisha Keys want you callin the crib with a 
    tapped cricket phone nigga..
    conspiracy charges is real and if cassidy think they gonna let his little
    corner store rogue ass fuck up theyre paper he’s crazy as he sounds
    nigga probably dont want shit but a fuckin loan..
    niggaz is fuckin crazy

  2. Yea Swizz is married to a Homewrecker, But a rich Homewrecker LOL… So he not going mess that up by associating with thugs. He writen and producing for WHitney Houston now, among others. He not on that street corner, Going to jail every day of the week type shyt anymore.

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