Swizz Beatz’ Debut Reebok Kamikaze’s Sell-Out In 10 Minutes, New Colors Coming In June

Reebok Classic Kamikaze

Last Friday (May 13), Reebok Classic dropped their limited edition “Kamikaze,” which they created alongside producer Swizz Beatz … and all 84 pairs sold out in just 10 minutes.

The shoe company credited the fans for the sneaker’s success.

“Because of you, Reebok Classic’s Limited Edition Kamikaze launch today was a HUGE success. Kids camped out first thing [Friday] and all of the pairs sold out in roughly 10 minutes across the US,” a rep for the company said in a statement.

The Kamikazes that hit stores last week were the red colorways, but if you didn’t get them, it’s all good. Two new styles are expected to drop this June.

Reebok revealed late Friday that they will be releasing the grey/green and black/white/orange versions (see in the photos above) of the kicks on June 10 at select stores around the country.

So, mark your calendars.

While the ammount of sneakers released were unknown, they will drop in NYC, Boston, Philly, DC, Baltimore, ATL, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, LA and San Fran.

Stay tuned…

  1. I got 2 pairs that thursday fed ex nigga
    I figured out Reeboks little secret reading Consumers Digest
    I’ll have the other 2 color ways next thursday  

  2. Don’t worry! Puffer Red’s in Ypsilanti, MI will be the only store in Michigan getting these on June 10th! We will be having a huge promotional event! There will be live DJs, live performances, free food and drinks, and more!!! Check out our website for more details as they will be posted soon! http://www.pufferreds.com. Also find us on Facebook and twitter for new releases of the most exclusive kicks that can’t be found anywhere else!

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