Police Officer Injured Trying To Subdue Odd Future Fans In Boston

Tyler The CreatorOdd Future and their leader, Tyler The Creator, sure know how to rile up their legion of young fans. They riled up a group of fans in Boston so much this week, that officers responding to a call had their hands full. And, one was even hospitalized.

According to the Boston Herald, the buzzing 20-year-old rapper made a promotional appearance at Newbury Comics in Boston, Mass. on Thursday (May 12), and incited a near-riot just by his presence.

The paper says a large crowd of teen OFWGKTA fans gathered outside the store at 4 p.m. for an autograph signing in support of the release of Tyler’s new album, Goblin, which dropped earlier in the week.

Police were called to the scene after some of the fans “got unruly, climbing up the back of the building’s fire escape,” said a Boston Police Department spokesperson.

While trying to subdue the group of excited fans, the police caused a minor fray, resulting in one hospitalized officer, and the arrest of 13-year-old girl for disorderly conduct.

“An officer was injured while dispersing the crowd and transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries,” spokesman Dave Estrada said.

Tyler had a run-in with police, himself, earlier this week, when he was handcuffed by L.A.P.D. officers for unknown reasons. While he was released shortly after, his skateboard was confiscated.

In response, the rapper hit Twitter (@f***tyler), expressing his distaste for law enforcement, obviously angry from the incident.


It is likely that the fans were reacting to Tyler’s run-in with police on Tuesday (May 10), during a similar event at a Los Angeles high school, after which the angry rapper tweeted several anti-police messages.

“That’s what’s expected of them,” an Odd Future fan told a local newscast. “If the cops are here, we want to see mayhem. We want trouble.”

Tyler and his OFWGKTA collective performed to a sold-out crowd at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club later that night. He’s due in New York City on Friday (May 13), Detroit on May 16, and Washington, D.C. on May 18.

Goblin is out now. Order your copy now at Amazon.com.

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