R. City Leaves Akon’s Konvict Muzik After Two Year ‘PTFAO’ Campaign

R. CityIt’s been five years since Virgin Islands songwriter/performer duo, R. City aka Rock City, signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik label. Five years, eight mixtapes, and a string of hits written and released for the albums of others — Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, R. Kelly and Akon to name a few.

Yet despite their success, they’ve been unable to get a release date for their album. So, they launched a very public campaign, they gallantly called “PTFAO (Put the F**king Album Out)” to make the industry aware of their plight.

Finally, in March 2011, after two years of campaigning, Akon met with the duo and offered them the option of remaining with the label and working towards dropping an album, or being released from their contract. Grateful as they were to Akon for the opportunities afforded them, the guys snatched the chance of finally gaining their freedom and are now officially free agents.

R. City aka Rock City’s debut album, Free At Last, is now set to drop later this summer on their own label, Rebelution Records.

Immediately upon leaving that meeting with Akon, R. City’s manager, Ray Daniels, called long-time friend and industry vet, Wendy Day, and within five hours the team was strategizing the drop of the album.

After years of writing hit songs for other people, the duo at long last, able to showcase their amazing talent in the first person. “We On”, the first single from their forthcoming release was serviced to mix shows just last week and is already at over 30 spins a week.

“With its unmistakable bounce, expect the song to make its way to every club deejay’s playlist nationwide within weeks,” a rep for the group says.

(Download “We On” right here )

Now that they’re “Free At Last,” the duo filmed a webisode series, in which they discussed their whole situation with Akon — from how it all started, why it stalled, and what’s next.

Watch episode 1 of the series, called “No Days Off,” below:

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