Pharrell Williams Comes Aboard KarmaloopTV As Creative Director

Pharrell WilliamsProducer/rapper Pharrell Williams recently added a new title to his resume: Creative director.

Williams has come aboard as creative director for KarmaloopTV (KLTV), an online video lifestyle destination arm of popular fashion retailer,

“In effectively now, Karmaloop the network, KarmaloopTV, I will be acting as creative director,” Pharrell said in a clip, posted at

“We feel like there’s a demographic that we speak to,” he explained of the online channel. “The households that we reach already online, these kids tell us that we’ve changed their lives, and we wanna continue to do it by bringing programming that’s effective. We don’t wanna follow these cultures. We wanna continue to lead. We wanna continue to bring programming that not only changes their mentality, but lifts their mentality. These kids, they have a voice. But unfortunately, it’s not being catered to, not in the way it should be. These kids are waiting. We’re gonna deliver.”

According to a report from, KLTV is set to launch a new network later this year. However, when and further details were unknown.

Pharrell, however, will have a stake in the network, alongside his position as creative director.

“Pharrell is, without a doubt, one of the most influential cultural creatives and business minds in America today,” Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe told Deadline. “We’re delighted and honored that he has joined our effort to create a multi-platform brand that will once again excite cutting-edge youth culture about TV, just as MTV did in the 1980s.”

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