Jacki-O: It’s Ok To Cry (Music Video)

Miami female rapper, Jacki-O, is back with a new mixtape, titled Strait From The Underground, and this is just a taste of what it offers. Jacki drops the official music video fro a track called “It’s Ok To Cry,” in which she details the struggles of a female with one foot in the streets and one foot on the straight and narrow.

In the Brooklyn Jacobs-directed clip, Jacki-O shows off her singing chops on the hook, while spitting about doing through legal issues, losing her man to death, and when she’s by herself, she cries because of all the mounting problems.

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  1. Yea.. Miss Jacki-O has done it again I love this woman.. (No Lesbo) I love the song and the beat takes me away.. I understand solely what means to struggle and yes I’ve cried.. She touched me once again.. I “Effen love her…

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