Jermaine DupriAtlanta hip-hop vet, Jermaine Dupri, had fallen behind on payments on his ATL mansion — or decided to stop making them — and it almost went up for auction last week, for unknown reasons, the sale was stopped last minute.

According to local new station WSBTV, the law firm handling the foreclosure did not specify why the sale was stopped.

Some speculated whether Dupri, himself, had made arrangements to stall the foreclosure, or even paid off his mounting debt on the property.

The news channel reports that Dupri’s mansion started foreclosure on an original loan amount of more than $2.5 million … and he also owes $14,024.67 in unpaid property taxes, fees and penalties in connection with another home Dupri owns.

At press time, Dupri had not commented on the reports.

That’s not the only debts he owes. WSBTV also dug up records that showed that Dupri owes the State of Georgia $493,768.75 in back taxes for 2007.

And, he also owes a contractor $12,000 for managing the mansion, which included a renovation and design. The contractor, named Tom Regan, has a filed a lien against Dupri’s property for the unpaid debt.