Jay-Z Addresses Illuminati Accusers, Says They Can’t Handle His Success


Jay-ZJay-Z’s rumored connection to the historical secret organization known as the Illuminati has been a much talked about topic for a few years now. And while he’s brushed off the rumors with as outrageous and even humorous, the discussion continues.

In a recent interview with Delta Airlines’ Sky magazine, the hip-hop mogul was asked about his alleged affiliation with the Illuminati, in which he claimed his accusers just can’t handle his success.

“It may sound a little arrogant, but I just think people can’t handle when somebody else is successful,” Jay said in the mag’s feature. “Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful, it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can’t be you, it has to be some other force.”

Jay-Z addressed the rumors last summer in his verse on Rick Ross’ “Free Mason,” where he denied being a part of a secret society and/or a devil worshiper.

“I said I was amazing, not that I’m a Mason / It’s amazing that I made it through the maze that I was in / Lord forgive me, I never woulda made it without sin / Holy water, my face in the basin / Diamonds in my rosary shows he forgave him / Bitch I’m red hot, I’m on my third six, but a devil I’m not,” he spits.

Jay-Z is just one of several rappers who’ve been accused of being a member of the Illuminati. Others include Kanye West, and 50 Cent.

What do you think? Is Jay a member?

  1. nobody thinks 50 cent is illuminati. 50cent tried starting that rumor himself

  2. the people who think jay is illuminati also probably think the moon landing was faked and that osama’s death was faked as well

  3. Jay-Z is the man he is right about why people need reasons/excuses as to why he is where he is and why they are where they are. Conspiracy theories have always been apart of who we are as people, the internet has made it easier for more people to fall pray to rediculous theories.

  4. agrees with him 100%,people cant handle his success,is even frustrating them those accuser cant prove it.

  5. People are just too blind and too ignorant to see the big picture its all over the music and in movies in tv everywhere jayz and so many others are just puppets

  6. Don’t
    know about any secret society or Jay-Z’s affiliation, but it should be clear to
    any rational thinking person who currently controls this world: ” 8 Again,
    the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of
    the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give
    you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.” 10 Jesus
    said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship
    the Lord your God, and serve him only.’ “11 Then the
    devil left him, and angels came and attended him” (Matt
    4:8-11).[1][1] http://www.biblestudytools.com/matthew/4.html

  7. Jay z could be the illumaniti he owns rocawear which has a lot of signs you just need to look people there’s a deeper meaning behind everything and he could b a part of it. Some of jayz lyrics say stuff that points to what he is, also little Wayne, lady gaga, beyonce and rihanna. They all throw the triple six sign and the all seeing eye sign. Little Wayne even says in drop the world I know what they don’t wanna tell you I just hope ur heaven sent and your god proof. Obvisiously something is going on for him to say tht. They talk about Mary magledine they mock the bible. Rhianna even talks about a nhyphlym* which is a angel cast out of heaven which is really a demon she says in disturbia like a theif in the night to come and grab you. . And there’s more to her in her performance umbrella she is in a triangle and makes her body in the pentagram well just the upside down star but its still obvisious and even if they weren’t all in the illimunati they still aren’t following God by just what they rap and sing about so there a bad influence regardless they are leading the youth down the wrong path

  8. i just want to sell my sole to i have it im a good singer lats go j i want b in it too son plz akeno mcneil 

  9. Art is a imitation of life. Since his roca wear has illuminati signs all over it…he is illuminati. Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see..Peace

  10. There is no current Illuminati. Only profit motivated people or people with personality disorders believe in the Illuminati.

  11. He is not affiliated with the illuminati.
    But he defiantly knows what’s up.

  12. listen to his lyrics. he has several songs in which he worships the devil. Anyone hear “Lucifer” or “D’evils”. its called an ” industry ” for a reason. One of the richest families in the world are the rockafeller’s and what a coincidence that jayz is with rockafella records…….

  13. Did ya read what he just said on his lyrics? Lord forgive me, I never woulda made it without sin / Holy water, my face in the basin / Diamonds in my rosary shows he forgave him / Bitch I’m red hot, I’m on my third six. Ya seriously being fooled smh, this world is outta control and for us people being so ignorant we not catching on to everything!

  14. The issues addressed here are spiritually discerned , it is by the spirit of Godonly will men know the truth .

  15. the lil wayne thing is bs cuz he is always talking about christianity and jesus he is obviously christian and not illuminati what he was talking to was were the jews and buddhists but others are correct 

  16. does he not say on his first album on the MOB DEEP smapled hook of “D’Evils” Illuminati want my mind soul and my body” “Secrete society try n keep they eye on me” This was in 95-96. HELLO. Then he procedes to talk (in the song) about the fact that his mind is possessed with sick thoughts. HELLO. You people dissapoint me. Any real JayZ fan knows he is down with this shit. Or maybe he was just saying that back in 96 just because 

  17. I believe jay z is right. He just did what he had to do to make it and he did. I respect his hustle and am a true believer of Whut can be possible. Only God can judge u jay z do your thing and Congrats to the success of your career, your marriage and your new bundle of joy. I am too very blessed threw our father God but no where near as much as u and yeah I do love Whut u do but would not love to do it that way. God has placed me on a different path. Haters will be Haters.

  18. if you believe in this stuff, you are an idiot. read this blog post about conspiracy theories on itwastyped.com
    its on there under conspiracy theories. might make you guys wake up

  19. Fuk u ur stupid. Ignorant waste of space. Can’t wait when shit hits the fan and u fall on your face “respecting” lizard ppl like him. You dint know the first thing about hustle….obviously because selling your soul 2 the devil isn’t hustle its bitch made. Hustle n greed 2 different things completely.

  20. Frankly I couldn’t care less if the guy is part of the illuminati or not. Cuz really it’s not my business. He’s a GROWN man, and can do what he wants, his actions aren’t going to determine my judgement by God in the end. So why should I care what someone who I don’t even know does. If u don’t like his ways, don’t listen to his music. He wouldn’t be rich if he didn’t have an income. Think about it. Plain and simple.

  21. Well Lick My Donkey’s Testes! And they say Africa is a third world country. How can people be this ignorant? and live in America? What? Instead of seeing what made him successful and applying it intelligently you turn schizophrenic and talk crap about signs that are vague. The Rocafella sign? Kanye and Rihanna? LADY GAGA? COMMON you idiots! You haven’t seen God, Jesus or SATAN, yet you believe in them because you’re too stupid to use your brains to reason. *sigh* I guess it’s self explanatory why you should believe in the “illuminati”.
    Oh… I’m the regional leader for West Africa. You know, the “illuminati”?

  22. just because you cant see it doesnt mean it doesnt exist. next time you get hurt real bad or a loved one is dieing who are you going to talk to? hmm….

  23. i believe that God does exist. i also believe in evil. It goes way further than Jay Z. Illuminati is everywhere and frankly its scary. To many things are hard to explain. Why didnt we see Bin Ladens body? Government= illuminati. its to suspicious……

  24. So because demons and the illuminati are trying to convert him he is all the sudden illuminati ….. That makes sence

  25. just because u cannot see it doesnt mean it is not true… air… u can not see… god u can not see… but god allows u to see evil… if you let it… this is were hear no evil see no evil comes from… if u hold your faith in god and minimize the evil you watch or listen to coming from the illuminate

  26. do any of you even know what the Illuminati was about when it existed? Had nothing to do with devil or evil. Its was a group of scientists. Bunch of fools

  27. man fuck that ya don ya dont know what ya talking about homie its money on the table if that was me i would of did it fuk it son shit life suck anyways just go for it im a rapper to why not be good at what you do and get paid for it ,….. rok nation homie

  28. Wayne says: hope your heaven sent, and your hell proof. Not god proof you moron


  30. Y’all are all out of control. Ifyou know a Mason, then you also know they dont discuss what goes on in their organization. Nor wouldthe so called Illuminati. Y’all must be smoking that ooooooweeeeeeeeee…He (Jay-Z) is correct, people basically blaming him and a nonexistent membership to a “Secret Society” for their own shortcomings.  Most of you all would do who knows what to acheive his success..Get your own. Rapping is his thing, he does it well, better than most…he makes money from it..Chill out..No one has proof of any ofthis stuff, on anothers mans thoughts. Your minds are being controlled. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  31. you a dumbass if u think he aint with them i seen him throw up the sighn dumb ppl like u need to shut up

  32. Umm the moon landing was faked…It came out years later that it was faked because Kennedy posed a deadline and NASA were to stick to it…Look it up you big dummy…Just like the reason for the Vietnam war was faked also…Osama was dead before they came out and said it…Way before…You’re probably a victim of to much television…Try picking up a book from time to time and stop watching the tube…You big dummy!!!

  33. Read the lyrics dickhead, he said “I’m In Mason Martin Margiela”. Kanye said in Niggaz In Paris “What’s Gucci my nigga? What’s Louie my killa? What’s Drugs My dealer? What’sThat Jacket, Margiela?” dumbasses like you see something on the internet and believes every word.

  34. I’ve never heard of any member in a Secret Society who talks freely about it… Some peoplein America are just so blandly retarted.

  35. They don’t have a sign.  You think anybody part of a SECRET organiation is gonna throw signs up to let others know it exists?  The Illuminati isn’t a street gang.  You niggas are retarded and prob flunked the 5th grade

  36. For those saying they believe, he isn’t in the Illuminati for the simple reason that he says he isn’t. Open your eyes. Just because he says he isn’t in the Illuminati doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth. All who have attempted to speak about the Illuminati have ended up dead, but we’re to stubborn to realize the truth, we want to believe that he isn’t in it,  but we couldn’t be anymore wrong. You think he would truly tell , us about the secret society he is in?

  37. Idk if anyone is gonna read this since I see this article was written months ago lol, but if you are, check this out…
    If jay z is a “devil worshipper” then why the fuck would he do something so positive as bringing the new jersey nets to Brooklyn where he struggled growing up? You know how much hope that’s gonna bring to the people struggling in Brooklyn now?… Espeacilly the kids, come on man that illuminati thing is bullshit (but I must add it is intresting and entertaining lol). Anyways, If someone is successful its cause they worked hard, and that’s that. Enough said.

  38. The illuminati is a mind set.  Sure it’s real, but as long as niggas are rapping about killin other niggas, hoes, etc.  They are doing exactly what is allowed.  You see what happen to Easy E don’t you?  When NWA started rapping about Fk the police, they will get handled.  They all know to stay in their place…

  39. Jess, I think I’m not going to talk to an imaginary friend called “god”, I’d rather talk to someone close to me. Religion is for weak people who can’t handle the truth. What if I said that there is a 6-headed baboon who controls the world, are you going to believe me? You can’t prove it doesn’t exist either. It’s 2011 and still majority of the people believes in fairytales. Unless proven otherwise, there is no god. And if there happened to be god, oh boy what a dick he would be.

  40. kmsl….u conspiracy theorist are always entertaining with you rants…just b/c u read it on paper doesn’t make it true FOOL….DEPENDS ON WHAT UR READING!  put down the STAR mag and do some REAL research moron

  41. i was with u xion_one until you got racist….now u are just as STUPID as Charles #bothOfuKillurSelves

  42. Finally someone says something on here that makes sense.  Its disappointing to see so many stupid a$$es in America believing in conspiracies with NO proof.  #turnofffoxnewidiots

  43. You’re an idiot.  Nothing I said was racist.  Unless you really think a black person (me) calling somebody a nigga is racist.  YOU go kill yourself, cause you obviously flunked a grade too.

  44. jay z is a fucking illuminati..you murder fuckers should shut the fuck up.

  45. Am glad u quoted these lines again, i know some will say he’s just saying these things but the truth is plainly put before us all. Just with this few lines. Maybe those who think that he’s just saying can let us know why is he just sealing himself with the third six. I hope my ignorance does not overshadow my sanity

  46. I can’t wait to see the look on people’s faces when this stuff goes down. I cant wait to see the look of god fearing people faces too when they see he’s not coming. I took 400 years for the slaves to wake up and do something about it with help(not from god).But this time it’s not going to be a black or white thing. Its going to be a class thing. So Sad :(

  47. you know what’s not real? the bible and all of it’s garbage. from that point on is where all this mason/illuminati crap started and to tell you the truth it’s really getting out of hand. so every rich person is part of a cult? word? seriously? since when does humbleness affiliate itself with being poor? so someone homeless can’t be a so called “satanist”?

  48. first of all its Nephilim, second of all the nephilim were not angels cast out of heaven, they were angels that voluntarily left heaven. and the Bible never says they are demons. They are the offspring of angel(sons of God) and earth women

  49. The people on this thread are idiots, like Jay-Z would actually let the world know he was a satanist.. smh


  51. Books don’t prove shit either, don’t believe what the books write… You big dummy!!!

  52. I love when ppl get on here and start cussing and spell shit wrong…lmao! ;)

  53. Why does’t Jay just answer with a “yes” or “no” to being involved with the Illuminati?

  54. Umm hello illuminati does have signs..why don’t you ? Visit there site all signs are are present. Jay-z throws up the all seeing eyes triangle shape.. This is the official illuminate symbol. It doesn’t take a genius to find figure out jay/z and others that are affiliated with him are all part of the new world order. I don’t understand why people find it hard to believe music stars can’t be part of such..after all theyre only entertainers.. Just as you believe in god, there are people who worship the devil, sell there souls for fame, here are a couple of logos that sneak in the symbols. CBS all seeing eye, nick jr. all seeing eye the list goes on pay attention.

  55. You’re naive, as are most people who believe in this bullshit propaganda.  Jay-Z throws up a Diamond with his hands, which represents the old logo of Rocafella Records (and now Rocnation).  He’s paying homage to that legacy, nothing else.  By your logic, anything with a triangle in it is paying homage to Illuminati.  A so-called secret organization that controls the course of society, a group that theorists say includes Presidents, and yet you people throw rappers and singers in there like its nothing.  Really, rich entertainers are changing the world?  Is that what people wanna think?

  56. It can be classified. Jay-Z may or may not be. Illuminati, is most likely a real thing. But we can not be positive. So don’t spread any rumor. Now, I’m not defending or taking any side. I’m just trying to elaborate a little. So, we’ll see, in time being.

  57. Jelousy and putting hints together are different, there always has to be someone or in our case something on top controling. Thats the way of the world.

  58. MAIN this nigga Jay-z is with the illumianti all yall niggas talking like u know this nigga are sum in the bible it says the devil was the prince of music so what they tell yall half of the niggas in the muisc bizz is with the illumiant yall just need to listen and stop bobbibg ya head to what you hear and hear what these niggas sayin to u in thier music open ya mind instead of ya eyes i did my research watch what happens at the end in 2012 it aint gne be the in of the world i dnt beleave in that but sumthing else gne happen be ahppy why u can time is ticking….

  59. I’m a huge fan of Jay but I must admit that most of the lyrics to his music either have subliminal messages or blatant statements that clearly proves he’s involved in something. Also, many of his & Bey’s photos are very symbolic to “other powers”. For people who claim they’re not in any secret society, they sure so many signs of being involved in one.

  60. “Clearly proves”… ? Seriously?  He raps about being in private jets, owning clubs, drinking liquor, buying things… what does that prove?  Oh, well I guess the secret is out of the bag.  The Illuminati is a group of rich people doing rich people things.  Now we know.

  61. All this thing about illuminati it is more lyk i am playin video game wit ma dudes coz it sucks there is only one god in this planet to those illuminaties out there i say the judgement day would come and they will burn in hell with their beloved lucifer..fuck them all man they sucks praise another mankind..totally sucks dudes

  62. The illuminati ….aka the boogie man for grown up christian dumbasses….the real people controlling the world are the churches its always been that way ever pick up a science book GOD DOES NOT EXIST nor does the fictional illuminati if people would take a logic class and realize youtube videos aren’t creditable evidence for anything this wouldnt even be a question.

  63. You big dummy’s! lol geez it seems like you people need to focus on your own s-h-i-t than trying to defend a celebrity who gives a DA-m-nnnnnn about what they do. what all you conspiracy theorist need to be worrying about is zombies because it kind of makes sense i mean its probably the rabies virus but worse i think that’s something conspiracy theorist should think about other than if jay z is evil or not who knows he probably goes to an orphanage fills out all the paper work and doesn’t take the child home every Thursday night but who cares hes not effecting you now. You are in control of your own future why are you trying to find out more about someone else’s short comings when god blessed you with your own life not anyone else’s and plus if he was evil what the hell are you gonna do about it .

  64. Don’t think believe n heaven or hell good n bad then stop spending money u fucking phony every bill or coin u have says “IN GOD WE TRUST”
    C how long u exist w/o it n when Satan comes 4 your soul tell him yo science book says u u don’t exist u probably 1 of those dumb asses who don’t believe n God but believes your vote counts. Wake up u damn fool

  65. Don’t listen to Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, all those famous celebrities… we all should admit that we like at least one of them. Which is exactly what they’re aiming for. They want fame and fortune, and for other people to worship the devil as well. The devil understands everything… the songs reversed is a prayer to Satan, which the devil understands. They want you to fall in their trap! Some are puppets, being controlled by other satanic celebrities or managers. Just like Michael Jackson and 2pac, they got killed by the Illuminati. You say too much or do too much against the Illuminati, you’re either hurt or killed. They do the 666 sign, pose like a baphomet, checkered floor, everything that is more than obvious that they are involved in that “not-so secret anymore” society. People, let’s pray to God these celebrities will actually start thinking and not being a puppet, pray for the people dying and needing food, for the Illuminati to not take control of the world, and for you and your family to stay safe. Remember, they’re everywhere. One voice can make a difference, a million can change the world. ♥

  66. Finish the line. He says at the end a devil I am not or something like that. Realize he is from a rough background and obviously has done some bad things in the past, no one is free from sin.

  67. Ridiculous. People are so ignorant. Did anyone ever hear of research. Look into these groups, the Illuminayi, the Free Masons. Even the most rudimentary grasp of the history would put an end to all of this speculation. Come on people!

  68. Anyone who believes this is forgetting that, aside from the illuminati not being what conspiracy theories claim them to be, if a secret society was trying to start a NWO they would distance themselves as much as possible from degenerate drug dealing nigs like jay z and weezy (especially weezy) because no governing body could seize power if their spokespeople behaved the way rappers do. There is a large discrepancy between niggers with too much money and an organization Hell bent on establishing a totalitarian gov’t.

  69. Odd thing is 2pac was also murdered in 96 n he claimed the illuminati was behind it, he even made an album about it! That’s prob the time when the illuminati thought, we better get in on this rap stuff!!!!

  70. Keep in mind jayz is ONE person among THOUSANDS ON THE EARTH!!!! Often it’s pitical people as well, so yes, ONLY God can judge u when u die!!! But what about while yur still here!? U know the saying goes they want new world order? Under 1 ruler!!! Of the WORLD!!!!! So if u want to let peeps do yur thang just b warned its our earth too, n we don’t need know pinky n te brain shit going on!

  71. Have YOU done your research? I think not! N e one who really looks into alot of info KNOWS it’s real! Why would illuminati and masons not still b spoken about?!!! Your the person the government is worried about so they don’t tell us the full truth about shit so folks like u do t go ape shit! Ha!U can’t honestly beleive that millions of OTHER people r crazy n thst the educated publidhings on this group are ALL false?!!! I guess ignorance is bliss……lucky u

  72. No u don’t what your talking about! Do your research!!! 13 bloodlines!

  73. Dumbass! It’s not Internet only!! There is published info out there! Go to the damned library if u know how to read! N y wld u mention mason if u r accused of illuninati, who control masons!!!! N we know masons “did” exist, y wld they flaunt it? So crazy losers cld join in blow it? They will kill u first!

  74. Yea cuz black rappers make it big line jay z all the dam time, did I know he used to date aaliyah? Who is dead? Rumored blood sacrifice for the person who sold the rites of rocawear to jay z !!!!!

  75. U REALLY think if u world hard to b a black rapper u will make it on your own? Hahahahaha?!

  76. Except to truly b illuminati u have to b blood relative to one of the original 13, the $ for fame stuff is related but they r only slaves not leaders. They appear to us as that but in illuminati they r nothing. U r Whitney Houston n no one cares

  77. And it’s not just you tube dumb ass! There’s tons of PUBLISHED literature! Check your local libary’

  78. I don’t care how a man make Money as long as he is NOT,causing harm to others to get it.I’m proud of any person taking care of there family and themselves but everyone needs the help of others at one point and time in there life.I am a fan of Jay Z I always wondered what the triangle mean until I found out!A lot of strange hand justers goes on only if you watch closely.you also has to be educated in the BIBLE to know that is Gods War brewing!This goes back to the 1700’s. This fight is beyond what ever anyone thinks, what your going to have to do OS choose a side! I don’t have to go their Do I?.If Jay Z is with the Illuminati,What is the purpose of the pentagram being thrown into the air by JayZ continuously?Seek knowlegde! This is BIBLICAL.

  79. If Jayz is apart of this society then he has already chose a side and there is No turning back. That is his soul. I want it to be known that I found my truth! Everyone else chose a side!

  80. the illuminati is nothing…and if it was jay-z would not be a part of it.  secret society, not flashy celebrities.  also the “13 families” that run the world and take bloodline so seriously are not letting a black dude in the illuminati. but all in all the illuminati is nothing more than an outlet for people who are looking for something or someone to blame problems on.  the song d’evils talks about the way that the drug game tears at your soul, and the song lucifer is titled “lucifer” because of the sample that kanye used…jay-z heard the beat, liked it and made a song. stop over thinking things.

  81. Yes. Jay-z is verified on the International Order of Freemasons Lodge Docket to be a Luciferian Freemason, holding that Scottish Rite of 33 degrees. He has also been elected to The Universal Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. He was sworn into Illuminati Knighthood on 6 June 2006. He was so taken by his honors that he removed his shroud of promised anonymity by trying to use the Brethren symbology to multiply his business endeavors. His Luciferian Degree is registered with The Grand Lodge of England: So mote it be.

  82. the nephilem were the offspring of angels that left their purose in heaven to follow satan the children were all male and giants like david and goliath. They were the offspring of angels that opted to become demons.

  83. I am officially scared now to let my son watch t.v! What channels do not worship the demons?!

  84. My sister believes in Illuminati.  I have to say this subject is interesting and makes you think…  However I don’t believe in the illuminati.   but I believe in God,  and I do believe people worship the Devil.  And I don’t think Jay Z  or any other entertainer is apart of this so called illuminati (Secret Society).

  85. IF that diamond eye shit is for rocafella why does kobe bryant lebron jamds lady.gaga and various other sell outs throw it up? Are they all part of rocafella to?

  86. If you believe in God, Jesus Christ, and lucifer then u have to believe that satan/lucifer would use every resource, esp. entertainers to get his message across.  Also, notice that many people use the devils horns and pyramid to imitate these celebrities.  Open your eyes people there is a battle for our souls.  Wake up and accept Jesus Christ as your savior.  Check out Jesse Ventura’s videos on youtube: Crime State and NWO and it will help mold your opinion on how malicious things are brewing in our govt.  JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!!

  87. If you seriously look at it, it’s a smart strategy. Whether or not you believe it people look up to these people and music does control some people’s actions not saying everybodys but some people it does. I’m not saying I’m buyin into it but if it goes down I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Just take a look at Obama not Sayin if your vote counts or if it doesn’t but a lot of African Americans voted for him without an educated decision and just because he too was part African American. Look how much just the color of his skin influenced America. Not racist I dont vote just stating my opinions

  88. Who cares if Jay-z is illuminati Jesus and His followers will win in the end (church of Christ for life)

  89. chhrist is coming for his children and jay z and every body whos with the illuminati are gonna burn in hell

  90. Why the hell does he always make the illumaniti hand gesture then?! Cause he’s an embarrassing, dumb ass, contradictory poser that’s why. These celebs wanna seem cool and mysterious and act like they’re a part of some elitist bull shit organization that doesn’t even exist and then now back peddle? Pathetic. Our celebrity culture and worship of these overrated idiots is pathetic!! And his wife is a fucking Tina Turner rip off. Go away you narcissistic freaks.

  91. you’re all wrong, i lead the illuminati. and osama is locked in my basement playing go fish with tupac and elvis. look even if these fucks are in illuminati, theres nothing any of you low class fucks can do about it. so who cares. quit thinkin dumb shit and go smoke a j and watch some adventure time.

  92. suck a dick bitch fuck i hope you go chocke on hippo cock and die you big cock sucking fag

  93. the real devil servers in this world is the extream right wing. wealth worshiping, poor hating, not caring about healing the sick, thats of the devil. they want a complete plutcros. anyone who calls himself chistian conservative is the real cult member.

  94. You don’t have to sell your soul jay z you are supporting
    That symbol says alot god is a jealous god no one should be idolized but god not u .. When it comes down in the end you are gonna wish you would of never supported that evil symbol read the bible why chose to live eternity in hell you’ll might make all thIs money when the Antichrist comes in the picture as the one world president you.ll. are dying to see you’ll will think twice and it will late he will own you’ll or eternity I don’t wanna be here to see that I wanna make I t when god comes for his people do u think u will go supporting that symbol and what it stands for

  95. I don’t even know what website I’m on , I’m just researching about illuminati. But that’s the greatest comment ever. Hahaha.

  96. Do I believe there is a secret society. Yes, and I don’t think they try to hid themselves. Do I believe that society is menacing and power. Not if you read a book. Do I think Jay and Beyonce are apart of Illuminati…………..LOL, hell no, ain’t ancient prestigious society going to let some uneducated niggas into their group of powerful secret world leader. Especially some entertainers. Jay Z is not even that rich. What you fools fail to realize is, compared to other wealthy people around the world his net worth is very small, so is Beyonces. They may the top earning recording artist. But that doesn’t make them one of the richest people in the U.S. They spend too much to accumulate that much wealth. Jay Z was CEO of a Record label but label was own by a huger company…….ran by white people. JayZ is not even listed in Forbes top business men. They mentioned him as an up and coming powerful business man. But anytime they Jay is listed in Forbes he is compared to other rappers……….who don’t make very much money compared to your Billed Gates.

  97. Well, whether he is a member or not.. The biblical truth still remains.. We are sinful beings and have all fallen short of the glory of God. So if the illuminati really exists, whether they think they are in control or not and no matter how much damage they cause.. Jesus is still alive sitting at the right hand of the Father and people that are without Christ are oblivious to their sins until they come to the Light. These illuminsts dont know what they are doing.. The same with anyone who is without Christ. God is in complete control and as the scripture says, that someday every knee will bow and every toungue confess that Christ is Lord. So, dont be worried who is or who isnt involved with secret societies. As scripture says, everything that is hidden now will be made known in broad daylight.. We are all accountable to the one creator of heaven and earth and their is only one way to the Father and that is through Jesus Christ. As scripture says, God is the one who makes the most wise foolish and frustrates the predictions of fortune tellers.. And every weapon formed agaisnt you shall not prosper.

  98. These Illuminati conspiracy people are crazy. They just wish life was more interesting so they make up BS. Jay was correct in what he said they can’t handle his success. They can’t handle that he was just a normal guy from Brooklyn who made it big. They do it to everyone who is successful now. No one can be a success anymore without the spooky Illuminati according to these idiot conspiracy theorists.

  99. you my brother are lost…… dismiss the whole illuminat theory and ask your self why would any self respecting black man name his business, co., or anything that’s in relation to a man named john d. rockefeller…. do your research on that man family and alliances and get back to me. I use to be asleep as well dont feel bad just wtfu…

  100. Read the bible! Back in biblical days the angels could transform from spirit beings to humans…they saw the woman of the earth(daughters of men) and desired to sleep with them…when the angels layed with the daughters of men their offspring grew to be evil giants called nephilim…these were evil, murdurous supernatural humans…thus came the bible story Noah! (like I said read the bible) Genesis 6:4 THE NEPHILIM PROVED TO BE IN THE EARTH IN THOSE DAYS, AND ALSO AFTER AFTER THAT, WHEN THE SONS OF THE TRUE GOD CONTINUED TO HAVE RELATIONS WITH THE DAUGHTERS OF MEN ” AND THEY BORE SONS TO THEM” Now when the flood of Noah came the nephilim were killed along with their human counterparts(mothers)…the angels(father of the nephilim) flew back to heaven BUT were denied entrance into heaven…and their ability to transform from spirit to human was taken away…they could only be spirit beings now…no longer considered angels but demons and Satan was their leader

  101. First of all a nephilim is an offspring of a fallen angel and a human woman and second David was not a giant only Goliath was.

  102. Yes, the illuminati is real and its blatantly clear in tons and tons and tons of songs and music videos. However, people are too focused on what the illuminati is right now, and not the roots. Freemasons are descendants of the Knights Templar, which disbanded after knighthood became a sin. I know this because my Grandpa is a Freemason, him including several other people are christians. So when it comes down to it, I think theres a difference when it comes to the “secret society” illuminati and the “fame” illuminati. Yes, people sell their souls for a life of rich and fame on earth, but thats nothing but idiots. The illuminati and freemasons are a group of people trying to establish a NWO, yes, but the idea that it is demonicly based is wrong.(or so i believe)

  103. What we need is for all the superstars being accused to go on global television and have the courage to say if they are or they are not…I don’t know who here is apart of this “secret society” cause God never told nor have the superstars told me…..so I believe these people accusing Jay Z and others should stop because they never asked.

  104. anyone that is big in commercial music is apart of it …its all in the videos and in there actions… even willow smith is bein drawn into it.. jus watch her video n you can see it…

  105. we are hearing and seeing all these secrets bcus satan has already deceived most and even if they see the truth they see not . oh why?

  106. for the truth no but lies they will wholeheartedly buy and uphold as good.

    2CO 4:4

    In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest
    the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should
    shine unto them

    JOH 12:40 He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that
    they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be
    converted, and I should heal them.

  107. yeah and the devil is a great deciever he fooled all the religious people when he told them he is god and wrote the scriptures. Churches only preach doom and the music industry a lot of love. Is satan confused.

    When i play my records in reverse i start believing the smurfs do exist.

    I don’t understand why he starts the discussion with these people. It’s a waste of energy and you can’t change their believes. The internet is full of that bullshit and it wont stop.

    angels and stars is what i hear on my radio so keep spreading the love. If god exists or not, love is the most important of all and i’m sure that is 100% real.

    Stick to the plan said burning spear, fullfill your mission and don’t give up but wake them up before you go:-)

    I wish him and the others all the succes, wealth and love they can get. You earned it. Ignore them!

    illuminati no, illuminated yes i believe so.


  108. Who voluntarily leaves heaven? Right… and after the angels who abandoned their posts had children with women I do recall sometime after that a flood came and killed all of them.

  109. The real question is; Who gives a FLYING FUCK???? Just don’t listen to them, live your own life. I’ll only start worrying once Jay-z takes over the world and orders everyone into slavery lol

  110. There are only 5 Illuminati. None of them are musicians. Religion does not play any part in their organization. The continued accumulation of wealth and power within the circle as well as the protection of human rights are their only goals. Their wealth is far greater than those who enjoy being on the Forbs list. They live normal lives, and could be your neighbor.

  111. Its a bunch of balonie and should be exposed before someone actually believes it,a bunch of nonsense…….spreading rumers that are all lies,whats next child sacrifice…….garbage belongs in the trash not in peoples minds……

  112. Go watch Zeitgeist: The Movie (2007). Yall been HAD. Fuck your bible, & fuck organized religion in general. It’s all plagiarism of the Egyptian Book Of The Dead. Religion is merely a string of metaphors linked to astronomy/astrology, and organized religion is responsible for more war & death throughout history than any other factor, including some ancient secret society you schizophrenic retards invest so much stock in. It also keeps you in line, waiting for an imaginary end – distracted by an illusion you’ll one day be liberated from your dead end job & your shoebox apartment. There’s no illuminati – just extremely wealthy old white men behind the scenes with greed & ambitions to control the entire world – their greatest weapon? Organized Religion. So wait for the imaginary apocalypse in the sky like Linus waiting the the Great Pumpkin. You just look childish to anyone with 1/2 an IQ. It’s 2013 for christ’s sake, wake the fuck up & be a goddamn leader – not a follower with a dick in your mouth!! ^^ DIAMONDS UP — 1

  113. How come Drake be wearing a shirt with the Pyramid (all seeing eye) on it while performing on stage? Is it ironic hes being sold out to Rocafella for 50 million dollars. Obviously shits real. We just argue because we dont realize all the ways this affects us as a society. It is right in front of our faces. Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj to name a few. Why was Rick Ross having people on his video set chanting 6, 6, 6? definitely some sort of spiritual battle goin on.

  114. And people are idiots if they think they know everything. People who have more money then we could ever know of about obviously associate with one another and make plans to set world appeal. We cant say for sure who these people are, but chances are the ones we could guess are, have something to do with it

  115. This is so LAME!!! “The whole World is lying in the power of the wicked one” TRUE! But get off of the Jay-Z is part of the Illuminati BS. “you have to look (Deeper)”, at what!!! You guys make this shit up and sell it to yourselves. People talk about his successes have to be because he is part of a secret cult that’s making him what he is. That is some selfish, egotistical nonsense. (What about the millions of people out there not in the spot light who make more money then Jay-Z selling clothes, who own multi-million dollar companies)? I guess they’re all Illuminati also right?! You guys keep feeding it, passing around fear, and skepticism! Keep feeding everybody, your doing what they want. Keep giving your power to them. Some urban legend BS! If Jay-Z came out and said yea I worship satan, how many fans would he lose, who would follow him then? Oh he must be hiding it. Say if he was, so f@#$% what! Are you going to be brainwashed into becoming an Illuminati puppet, and serving satan by doing what?! Buying his album? What? His clothes? Going to see his team play ball?! So he displays it publicly but denies it in his song, and interviews? Whats the point of all this anybody?, (THE POINT) not your opinion? Sorry for the rant, but to make it simple… Everything is done in the name of making money, you guys make up Illuminati connection, secret society affiliation, they will use it, it sells records, it keeps them in the spot light. It’s the same with actors, celebrity couples. Once they start getting stale, their management makes up a scenario to get them back in the press so they can be marketable again. You hear, you look,you see, you buy.

  116. All this fucks are devil worshipers of course they dont want you ti know it would ruin them who in there right mind are gonna want to buy an akbum from a devil. Worshiper.

  117. Certainly he must be related to that,cos at one point he said;”I never read the bible in my life,and I don’t even know how I know about that s**t”,what does this tell you,also look on triangle sign he makes before/or in the middle of every single video,he puts out there,the same symbol Kanye West used,the same a lot more rappers uses,how can he be not part of that society…

  118. From Chaka Khan on piers Morgan. ““I think we all, as artists, because we’re highly sensitive people, and this machine around us, this so-called ‘music industry,’ is such a demonic thing. It’s sacrifices people’s lives and their essences at the drop of a dime. I had a manager once say to me, ‘ You know you’re worth more money dead than alive.’

    This very statement won’t quell the conspiracy theories but it is a statement that has been said before in many cases long before Houston’s death. People have their thoughts on the death of Whitney Houston. In time for the family I hope there will be closure with exactness of what happened. If not, if we never find out, if there was a conspiracy, may the Winds of Change bring swift justice to those it applies to. I do not think anyone will be forgetting how that party went down with Houston’s body upstairs and a child, her child upstairs distraught. Like the words of Chaka, say a prayer and GO HOME”

  119. What about beyonce saying in that interview about the other person that speaks to her inside herself. If they don’t see that then they r blind. Those two j z & Beyonce r flipping the triple 6 hand sign ANd the 1eye sign. Look at the Grammys 2012 Nikki doing that evil stuff these r all signs that the 1 world takeover is coming. They r conditioning this generation and they r so ignorant they will believe anything and that’s exactly what they r counting on. PUPPETS ON A STRING

  120. Dope rapper? More like “crap rap slap dat” He needs LYPO on his lips. My god he could give 5 people lips that needed a transplant. Gross. Those 2 clowns r puppets in this circus. They might be royalty at the BET AND NAACP AWARDS but they r just artist at the Grammys those shows for the blacks r racist shows. At least we honor all musicians and we don’t have a WET AWARD SHOW for whites. They keep the racism alive by having those extra awards. Because they don’t get any awards at the big shows that much. I think those other shows r so stupid.

  121. “I’m on my third six, but a devil I’m not

    I’m just his servant on this earth until I rot”

  122. Look up the word: illuminate” in the dictionary or definition on internet. Most of us know what the word means; however, it is always “enlightening” (no pun intended-well, maybe a little :), to actually read all the meanings of a word and how they are used. I did…..Then, some of you may feel a little silly about your comments….!! and being ugly and calling one another names doesn’t even make sense.. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion! Our country is one of the few in which we can voice how we feel and what we think. But calling someone names and putting them down, wtf? NO ONE is always right. Everyone makes mistakes and that is what makes us “human”. And yes, I believe the illuminati does exist…I’ve done a lot of research on this subject and new world order and The Book of Revelation in The Holy Bible AND HOW THEY ALL TIE IN TOGETHER AS A WHOLE. But, don’t put me down because of what I believe. Remember, what I wrote earlier in this comment? WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO FEEL AND BELIEVE AND WE STILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOICE OUR OPINIONS IN THIS COUNTRY! I hope that right is never taken away from us! I do agree with those that commented that one cannot believe everything that one reads…. But I am a seeker of truth and no I am not a fan of propaganda! ;) If you don’t agree, please TRY to be a little gentle with me. Even though I didn’t agree with everyone’s comments, I’m not going to call you ugly names. You do not deserve that and I do not either. Have a good night or day(according to when you read this… and p.s. I like to read comments because I learn so much(with exception to the name calling), and I love to learn!

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