Birdman Denies Soulja Boy’s Claims That He’s Trying To Sign Him

BirdmanWhile promoting his latest mixtape Juice recently, Soulja Boy revealed that Birdman has been courting him, in an effort to sign him to Cash Money Records.

Since then, the record label CEO has come forward to deny the young rapper’s claims, explaining that there have been no formal talks to recruit the Atlanta rapper.

With Soulja Boy currently under contract with Interscope, Birdman tweeted that signing the rapper is not on his agenda … at least, not right now.

“YMCMB busine$$ real talk. I neva tried 2 sign n0b0dy thts already sign 2 s0meb0dy,” the Cash Money co-founder wrote (@Birdman5Star). “we d0nt r0ck like tht.I neva tried 2 sign s0ulja.but I respect tha lil h0mey wrk keep getn it$$$$.”

In a recent interview with, Soulja Boy claimed that during a recent trip to Miami, he spent some time with Birdman and his brother Slim, and discussed the possibility of him joing the YMCMB roster.

“I met with Baby and Slim down in Miami,” he said. “He’s trying to get me to come over to Cash Money.

“When I was down in Miami for a couple of weeks recording with Sean Kingston, Birdman reached out to me,” Soulja boy explained. “He said ‘come and have a meeting with me’ and he told me, ‘Yo man you’d go perfect with everything we got going on. Whatever you want. I want to bring you over to this family, bring you to Cash Money.”

While he said he was considering the move, Soulja Boy admitted that his hands were tied, and that he still owned Interscope two more albums before anything could happen.

“I still got paperwork with Interscope Records, so I’m just trying to figure out what I’ma do,” said the rapper. “After I do these two albums, I either have the choice to go back to Interscope and re-up, do my contract over, or I can go down to Miami with Cash Money.”

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