Odd Future’s Frank Ocean Arrested In L.A., Blasts The LAPD On Twitter

Frank OceanFrank Ocean, the lead singer from Los Angeles-based collective OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), was arrested Thursday (April 28) in L.A. for unknown reasons. But, had words for the LAPD after his release.

In a series of tweets on Friday morning (April 29), the rapper let his followers know exactly how he feels about the law enforcement agency.

“Just got out of jail. would like to go on the record saying..f*** the police. f*** LAPD to be specific,” Ocean wrote (@Frank_Ocean).

Despite revealing his arrest to fans, Ocean didn’t give any further details regarding his run-in with police. Instead, he continued his rant, saying he has no respect for cops.

“F*** a cop, non-stop. frank will never speak to a cop again in his natural life,” Ocean wrote. “I have no respect for police. i swear if i weren’t sane in mind i’d throw a f***in molotov in a cop car right now. cuh had napoleon complex. and seemed really sad that he was on that lame ass bike patrol.

“Now im finna listen to blackenedwhite and play a videogame with copkiller imagery in it,” he continued, before thanking his manager Kelly Clancy for posting his bail. “what’s your #f***thepolice experience? somebody bring the LA riots back.”

Ocean has been riding high off the indie release of his shelved Def Jam debut, Nostalgia, Ultra, which he released for free, via his Tumblr page, in February. Since then, the singer/songwriter has been in demand across the board, and has now been tapped by Nas for a collaboration, reports MTV.

(Download Nostalgia, Ultra right here )

Nas revealed the news on Twitter this past weekend, saying he was in the studio with the buzzing Ocean.

Ocean has previously penned tracks for Justin Bieber, Brandy and John Legend.

  1. That’s not a good look. Can’t people learn from what happened with Biggie and the Rampart Police Scandal.

  2. I co_sign ma brother on this one fuck a pig esspecially the lasheriff defend yourself or speake out for you right and they’ll arrest you even wake your kid out of bed arrest them too on some bogus charges reveng for cursing them out that’s of stupid the la sheriff is so fuck a cop I have never had a good experience with a cop and i’m 39 years old

  3. All cops need to be killed. In this case one bad apple can very easily spoil the whole bunch.

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