Freddie Gibbs Takes Shot At Lil B, Says ‘Miss Me With That Gay Sh**’

Freddie GibbsLil B’s rise in music continues, and while he has a legion of loyal supporters, not everyone loves the Based God — specifically, newly signed CTE artist, Freddie Gibbs.

The Gary, Indiana rapper took some shots at Lil B during a show in Brooklyn, New York on Wednesday (April 27), making sure his fans know he spits “real rap” … unlike Lil B in his eyes.

“No f*** sh**. This ain’t no Lil B, BasedGod or no f***ing f****t sh** like that up here,” Gibbs told the crowd in between songs, a likely reference to Lil B’s controversial new album title I’m Gay. “What the f*** you thought this was? N**** this is real rap, n****. BasedGod get the f*** outta here n****. Miss me with that gay sh**, n****.”

Immediately following the show, Gibbs tweeted to explain his stance on Lil B, claiming he doesn’t have beef, he’s just opinionated.

“I don’t have beef wit nobody,” he wrote (@FreddieGibbs). “I just have an opinion, and ain’t none of y’all keyboard gangstaz gon approach me about it in person. Thanks.”

Gibbs, who officially signed with Young Jeezy’s CTE imprint earlier this month, previously criticized Lil B’s I’m Gay album title and his way of garnering press calling the Berkeley rapper “like a minstrel show.”

“[The] Lil B sh** was funny at first, but now I feel like it’s just a bunch of white people laughing at a n****, like a minstrel show,” Gibbs told XXL. “Sh** is wack. I ain’t dissin’ gays, if you gay that’s yo biz.”

Lil B has yet to respond to Gibbs.

  1. “nigga nigga nigga. this real rap . yeayeayeya no fake shit yeayeyayea.”
    REAL RAP has nothing to do with acting hard.
    this clown acting all hard. then says i dont have beef..


  2. Niggas are stupid today,
    over some “gay” shit.Accept the damn world for who people are. They aren’t doing any harm to you.If his music sucks, good..but if it sucked “that hard”..he wouldn’t be where he is.Okay cool…an album saying “I’m Gay”…well,he did it..

    you know if Lil Wayne did it..You guys would laugh at it.So shut the fuck up


  3. II don’t agree with all the homosexuality myself but you learn to adjust to different things in this world. It’s not my place to criticize the next man when I’m not living right myself.

    Marinate on that right there.

  4. looks to me like this Freddie paper crook
    has the same mentality as the “pigs”,”judges”, and ‘D.A.’s
    he gripe’n bout when he rap..
    if Lil B wanna kick “gay” raps it is his 1st amendment right.. right???
    only a matter of time before somebody Suge Knight that nigga (Freddie Gibbs)
    on camera and his 10 minute career’ll be over..
    seen this show 100 times before..
    the ending is weak

  5. alll u people have no lives,so who cares that Freddie Gibbs was taking shit about lil B,all of you have to hoop off lil B’s dick! It has nothing to do with you people.

  6. reading yall comments down below me says a lot about manhood and black culture now a days. Homo raps is a no go period. thank God i stop listening to this BS being called hip hop for a couple of yrs. These male stars are dressing more feminine than I thought possible. Lack of fathers in the house hold. and i didnt watch the video but im feeling what this Gibbs kat is saying.

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