No Limit Records To Celebrate 20 Years With Concert In Houston

Master P and RomeoIt’s been 20 years since Master P originally founded his No Limit Records label, and the southern hip-hop pioneer is set to celebrate the milestone with an all-star concert in Houston next month.

The event, which goes down at the House of Blues on May 1, will feature performances by the label’s longtime stars such as P’s brother Silkk The Shocker and his son Romeo, as well as its new roster of artists.

New artists on the imprint, now called No Limit Forever, includes Ms. Chee, Ace High, Co-Ruff, Bengie B, Southdown, Kay-I, Propain, Dallas Blocker, Black Don & D, Gangsta, OakTree and more.

The concert will also be filmed for the official video for the upcoming single, “Rock Wit It,” a cut off of the forthcoming New No Limit compilation, Family Business.

Tickets are currently available for $45 from

Master P originally founded No Limit Records in 1990, after running a successful record store in Richmond, California. Eventually, the label earned so much independent success, it led to a distribution deal with Priority Records, where the New Orleans rapper maintained control of his masters, which was unheard of at the time.

No Limit went on to sell more than 75 million albums worldwide, and shot Master P to the top of Forbes and turned him into a mogul.

In January, P’s son, Romeo Miller, re-launched the label as No Limit Forever, and adopted a new business plan, releasing digital-only releases.

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