Birdman Cops $8 Million Maybach Exelero?

By Allen Starbury  |  04/28/2011

Maybach Exelero x Birdman

In a recent interview, posted at, Cash Money Records founder Birdman boasted about how Forbes' $100 million estimate of his net worth was "a low number".

In fact, the label head is so paid, he bragged that he's been on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind Maybach, priced at $8 million. At the time, he said he had to have it.

Well, Birdman seems to have got what he wanted, or is getting it.

He tweeted (@Birdman5Star) two photos of the elusive Maybach Exelero, bragging, "8million 0n a whip all red.blievetht.custom made.ymcmb."

At press time, it was unclear if he had purchased the ride that's shown in the photos, since there are two different ones (a black one and all-red one), and/or if its being built for him.

Either way, Birdman's motto is "get it, spent it," so its likely ones on the way ... at the very least.

Below is a promo video of Birdman's dream car: