Natalie Nunn Says Amber Rose Is Broke, Calls Fabolous A ‘Male Groupie’

Natalie Nunn and Amber Rose

Natalie Nunn and Amber RoseThe beef between reality star Natalie Nunn, and model Amber Rose continues.

During a recent interview with Streetz Disciplez Radio, Nunn cleared up a few things about her situation with Wiz Khalifa’s boo, Amber Rose. She claims their beef isn’t over the rapper, as many believe, but rather over Rose attempts at following the moves she’s making.

Specifically, trying out for a new season of the reality show, “Bad Girls Club,” which Nunn previously starred in.

“The reason I popped off at her is because she showed up at Barbados, trying to get on the ‘Bad Girls Club’ season. Why are you steady trying to do what I’m doing?” Natalie explained. “Everybody was saying it was about Wiz. What the f***? Are you kidding me? Everybody kept saying ‘Natalie’s mad.’ What is Natalie mad about? I couldn’t even be mad right now. I can pay all of my bills. What am I mad about?”

As the interview continued, the Oxygen Network star claimed that Rose keeps tabs on her, following her updates on Twitter for one. She even claims Rose’s own assistant reached out to her, saying that the model couldn’t even afford to pay her, so she quit.

“I look down at my phone, I got one of my homeboys like ‘Yo, Amber Rose’s assistant is trying to get your BBM. She wants to holler at you.’ About what?” Nunn explained. “Ok, he connects the BBM or whatever, in a little chat room, and Amber Rose’s assistant goes in on Amber Rose, talking about ‘She’s steady staying on your Twitter. She’s steady worrying about what you’re doing. She don’t give a f*** about Wiz [Khalifa]. She’s just worried about what Natalie Nunn’s doing.’ Every time I try to tell people what the real is, they point the finger at Natalie. She’s the motherf***in’ bad guy, right?

“She just recently quit on Amber Rose, because the bitch ain’t got no motherf***in’ money to pay for her assistant,” she continued.

Earlier this month, Nunn and Rose got into an exchange over Twitter, which had Nunn insulting Rose saying the model is dating her “sloppy seconds”, while Rose simply told her she needed help. “Just like I was 2 weeks ahead of u sitting on ur ‘mans face’ ahahaha #teamulikehowitaste,” Nunn wrote in one tweet.

Nunn didn’t stop at Rose in the recent Street Disciplez Radio interview. She also went at Fabolous, after the rapper allegedly referenced her in a negative way on his last two mixtapes.

In essence, she calls Fab a “male groupie.”

“[Some] rappers are straight male groupies, when they don’t get what they want they start talking sh**,” Nunn told interviewers. “They put me in their songs, they’re hating, but the funny thing is they’re acknowledging me.

“I look at my Twitter and everybody’s like ‘Natalie, did you catch Fabolous talking about you on his mixtape?’ Why are you talking about me on your mixtape?” she revealed. “The last mixtape he dropped, I was in the last mixtape. How many mixtapes are you gonna put Natalie, who is more relevant than I guess whatever you have to talk about.”

Nunn is the star of the Oxygen Network’s new reality show, “Love Games”, which airs on Mondays at 10pm/9c if anyone’s interested.

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  3. YOu’re crazy… Fabolous can spit better than 90 of these dudes out there. You probably think Wacka Flocka is a great rapper@

  4. fab is so freakin gay in don’t even acknowledge his own got dam family!!! Emily needs to leave his punk ass!!!!

  5. wtf yall talkin bout fab one of the best rappers out smh and natalie nunn is the one that is a groupie

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  7. There are to grown women ivolved and there are better ways to handle your biz and twitter isnt it because people are gonna make it worse then it is and thats not needed . As far as wiz goes whatever happened happened but hes with amber now o well . Natalie love you your my favorite bad girl but theres a time you just gotta lets drama go cause it stays around you . Fab I dont know where he came from so no comment lol.The drama is childish I love both amber and natalie. Clearly this

  8. Well First Of All Yull Need To Stay Out These Folks Bussiness Cause Yull Don’t Evan No The Facts Yull Just Going Bye What The (Media) Say Wiz Is A Grown Ass Man He Don’t Need Yull All Up In His Bussiness And The (Media) Neither But They Gone Always Wanna Start  Some Drama But Anyway There Both Pretty And Natalie Need’s To Stop Her Mess Mabey Wiz Didnt Wont You Putting Out All Yull Bussiness Like That You Call You Self Classy Well Act Like It And Stop Running To The Cameras About Ever He Does To You And Says To You And Amber Rose Your A Classy Chick You No That You Have Wiz So Why Evan Waist Your Time With Natalie..

  9. i hate that there dng thz ok they makin they self look like some hoes n thz is bs

  10. I don’t understand why all these “celebrities” think it’s cute to just bash on each other all the time. And I use “” because one Natalie Nunn is nothing of the sort. She’s a groupie. Its different if she had a solid career doing tv shows (more than just the Bad Girls Club & Love Games) movies, etc. I find it funny that if she has “millions” she could afford a better computer to bash on. I never from the start liked Natalie she just seemed like this big waste of energy this whole “I run LA” this was just dumb as shit it’s all coming out of her ass. I mean she’s a “bad girl” but from her one season of being on the BGC she was just talk and hardly ever any bite. She talks so much because that chins so big her mouths always open anyways. I don’t really know Amber Cole but from her video response to Natalie she seems way more secure about herself and how she makes a living

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