Grizzlies’ Jason Williams Announces Retirement After 12 Years

Jason WilliamsVeteran Grizzlies point guard, Jason Williams, said this week that he has decided to retire after 12 years in the NBA, via a statement issued by the Memphis team on Monday (April 18).

The 35-year-old player signed with the Grizzlies in early February, after being waived by the Orlando Magic. He had be vocal about his displeasure with the Magic, due to his lesser role in the team’s rotation.

While many speculated he would retire, Williams opted to sign with the Grizzles for the second time in his career, but missed the final 17 games of the season with lower back soreness.

The 6-foot-1 guard — who earned the nickname “White Chocolate” early on — finished with career averages of 10.5 points and 5.9 assists. He is also the Grizzlies’ all-time leader in assists with 2,069.

While Williams had declined in his final years in the NBA, he definitely made an impact in his 12 years in the league. He built a reputation for an unorthodox, “street” style of play early in his career, becoming a regular on highlight reels for his dazzling assists. However, his behind-the back, no-look and half-court lobs were risky, making Williams turnover-prone.

In 2008, he announced his retirement, but returned in 2009 when he signed with Orlando. This time, it may be for real.

Williams played for the Grizzlies, the Sacramento Kings, the Miami Heat and the Magic. He was the starting point guard on the Heat’s championship team in 2005-2006, and also had some exciting moments during the Kings’ runs in the playoffs during the late 1990s.

He was definitely an exciting player to watch at times. Check out the highlight clip below to see what we mean.

  1. One of the best playmakers of all time in the NBA, a younger verson of PISTOL PETE, we enjoyed watchin you over the years J WILL, enjoy life & ur fam god bless !!!

  2. I’ve never seen the play at 5:22 against Stockton. Fearless. Free. J. Will Forever.

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