Warren G Preps Dedication Track For Nate Dogg

Warren GThey grew up together, entered the industry together, regulated the game together, and won over the fans’ heart together. As they said on one of their most memorable hits: “Nobody does it better” — and nobody ever will.

Now, since the tragic passing of Nate Dogg (real name: Nathanial) last month, longtime friend and musical partner Warren G — while mourning the death of his close friend — took to the studio and let the pen capture some of the emotions he was and still is feeling every day.

On “This Is Dedicated To You”, which is expected to drop soon, Warren G — with the help of singer LaToiya Williams — shares his love for Nate Dogg with his fans.

On the track, the Long Beach rapper takes listeners on a ride: from the good times making music together, to the difficult times after Nate’s strokes, all the way to losing him and singers imitating his style.

Warren’s frustration and desperation becomes clear with lines such: “Regulatin’ the era, standing side by side and we down for whatever / that’s the days of the past now, I’m looking at the future like ‘F***, I don’t even wanna do music!”

He also opens up on the hard times, seeing his brother in rehab: “Life is such a trip, I know the world is full of madness / Relearning how to walk and talk again, I can’t imagine.”

And later, Warren G even lets out some pent-up anger, taking aim at artists trying to imitate Nate’s signature style: “What the hell is going on? N****s been biting songs, hell nah that ain’t Nate Dogg!”

At press time, it’s unclear when “This Is Dedicated To You” would be released.

His camp simply says “very soon.”

  1. smh fuck a dedication song nigga!!!
    pay Nates mortgage nigga..
    sell 1 of them bullshit six four clunkers with the silly gold daytons on it

  2. Warren is grieving and i think a dedicated song is a good way for him to let out his emotions… Warren and Nate were always tight and music is what they did do best.. so fair play… RIP Nate Dogg, Nobody can do it better!

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