Catching Up With Jim Jones: Rapper Talks ‘Capo’, Near Death Experience & Making Money

By Koquise Cobb (@quiqui39)  |  04/15/2011

Jim JonesWhile some may argue that the music industry is not as lucrative as it once was, Jim Jones (aka Capo) begs to differ. Yeah, sure we are living in a digital age and piracy has presented a challenge for some artists, but Jimmy says he's doing just fine.

For Jim, it all began back in the Tunnel, rapping that is, and ever since he participated in his first cypher, he knew he was destined for greatness. Jimmy first graced the scene as one of the founders of New York's legendary crew/group, the Diplomats/Dipset. Guess the saying is true, hard work does pay off, because today Jim Jones is A&R of E1 Records (formerly Koch Records), he's dropped his fifth, yes his fifth, solo album, entitled Capo; and he also appears on the reality series, "Love and Hip Hop", as Chrissy's love interest. Having recently reunited with his Dipset crew, this is not the last time you will hear from Jim Jones.

As we speak, he and the Diplomats are in the lab whipping up tracks for their long-awaited reunion album, Diplomatic Immunity 3, so stay tuned. When did you decide to pursue a career in music? Did you ever imagine you would be working on what is this, your fifth album?

Jim Jones: I guess, it would be the first time I went to the Tunnel ,back when I was in high school. That was one of the first times in my life that I felt like I needed to definitely be in the spotlight and be rocking. I could imagine me doing something dope, but to be five albums in and still going, it feels phenomenal. Name some of the artists and producers that appear on Capo. Got any favorite tracks on the album?

Jim Jones: I mean, so many people participated on the album: Raekwon, Prodigy, Lloyd Banks, Ashanti, Snoop Dogg, Sean Garrett, Killa Cam and Chink Santana, and Aaron Lacrate to name a few. I mean, I just like the album because the album is a dope complete project. You can listen to it from beginning to end. How is Capo different from your previous albums?

Jim Jones: Well this album is all about the bounce back. As you know, the world was just was in a recession and now everybody is trying to bounce back from that recession and to do that, it takes a lot of hustle. In order to hustle, you gotta be aggressive, so this album is more aggressive and I love that about it. I read somewhere that you compare yourself to Jimmy Conway from "Goodfellas." Elaborate on that for me please.

Jim Jones: I mean, if you have seen the movie "Goodfellas," then you know what type of person he was. He was true to himself through the whole movie no matter what it was, know what I mean? He stood his ground. You have a track on the album called "Crash', which talks a little bit about a near fatal car accident you were involved in back in January. How has that particular incident affected your life, or what is your outlook on life since the accident?

Jim Jones: Sometimes things happen in your life that make you sit back and elaborate on what's really going on in your life. For me to have seen my life flash before me literally, definitely makes you think about the people that you're going to miss and the things you're going to miss if you would happen to lose your life. Why do you continue to pursue music if it's not as profitable as it used to be?

Jim Jones: I find it funny that everybody is saying it's not a lucrative industry. I think most of the people in the industry probably make more money than you do, so what do you consider to be lucrative? Personally, I think it can be very profitable, but often you hear artists complain that they are not making the money they once made, due to all of the illegal downloading. Often times, I think some artists just don't want to grind for it.

Jim Jones: Well, it might be difficult for the people that ain't hustling to not make the money they used to make, but sh**, me I'm sitting pretty good. It's a pretty lucrative business for me, so when people say that, it makes me laugh because nine times out of ten, the rappers you do see and the musicians you do see on TV, have things that people dream about and can't achieve. I would watch what people say is lucrative and not lucrative, because most likely their job is not that lucrative. Most likely, their job would probably be money that we spend frivolously in a couple of days that they make in a year or so. It's just funny how the media paints it.

Now the truth is the climate of the music industry has gotten a little bit chilly, due to the whole viral thing that's going on, but that's also a great thing. And with all great things, you just gotta learn how to make a move with it. Everybody gotta evolve. It's nothing wrong with that. Which companies do you think make the most money and are offering the most jobs? It's the viral community they're making the most money. It's pretty simple when you know the game humph! How does it feel to know that the "We Fly High" joint is still a club banger? I mean, I can't speak for other states, but where I'm from you still hear people screaming BALLLING!

Jim Jones: (laughs) I love "Ballin'", because it was probably one of my most successful songs today, but I have so many successes under my belt that it seems that "Ballin'" always seems to stick out to everybody. I'm ecstatic, you know, because wherever I go people play it. They're still rocking to it and that's cool. Ain't nothing wrong with that. I definitely have made an impact in this music industry, in which I never thought I would when I was coming up. I had no idea I would even be in the music industry, so go figure. Now does the whole Dipset fam appear on Capo?

Jim Jones: Well me and Cam are definitely on the album, and Juelz is on a song with me, and Cam that I'm about to re-release as a remix. We have a few Dipset members on the album. When can fans expect the Diplomatic Immunity 3 album?

Jim Jones: We're shooting for July 4, Independence Day. What's next for Jim Jones? Tours, more TV appearances, weddings hum..?

Jim Jones: Everything, I mean, you can go to VH1 and check out the TV show "Love and Hip Hop." You can go to Fuse On Demand and check out my Jim Jones channel and besides that, look forward to some movies and seeing me on the big screen in a couple months. There's a lot more in store, I keep a trick up under my sleeve, ya heard? Ain't nothing changed, this is Dipset for life!