Flavor Flav Set To Open Fried Chicken Franchise In Las Vegas

Flavor FlavFlavor Flav promised — when he launched his first Flavor Flav’s Chicken (FFC) in Clinton, Iowa this January — that he planned to take his chicken franchise nationwide.

Well, Flav has just taken the first step to making that dream come true, and is set to open his next FFC location in Las Vegas.

According to TMZ, FFC will open its next location at the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas, following a recent meeting with the casino CEO.

On Monday (April 11), Flav reportedly met with Riviera board members, including CEO Andy Choy, about opening a location in Sin City. Apparently, the deal is nearly closed.

All that’s left is some “last minute number crunching and contract kinks,” reports TMZ.

Flav opened his first FFC location in his hometown of Clinton, Iowa in late January and it was a smash during the grand opening with patrons lined up around the block to get a taste of Flav’s chicken recipe.

However, in early April, reports suggested that there may be some financial problems with the restaurant when several employees came forward, claiming their paychecks had bounced.

The restaurant’s owner, Nick Cimino, and Flav have both denied the claims, calling the employees disgruntled.

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