Romeo, Master P Hook Up L.A. Middle School Students With Computers For Raising Grades

Romeo Miller and kids from Audubon Middle School in Los Angeles

Romeo Miller may be doing his thing on the current season of “Dancing With The Stars,” but is still finding time to give back. He and his father, P. Miller (aka Master P), recently visited Los Angeles’ Audubon Middle School to reward certain students with new computers.

Audubon was one of the lowest-performing schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District in 2010, recording some of the lowest test scores for the standardized state tests. The school’s community is well known for high crime rates and poverty. In 2011, however, the middle school raised its API by 74 points to 666, and the Millers wanted to reward them for their efforts.

“It’s so important to come and support schools like this that are in the heart of the ghetto,” P said. “These young students are our future leaders. It’s vitally important that we recognize them and help them to attain the proper tools, equipment and technology to further their education.”

As Ambassador of Urban Born, a non-profit that focuses on the youth in urban communities, Romeo (along with Sam’s Club) presented the computers as a reward to those students who have excelled at their curriculum.

“This is extremely important to me, middle school children are at the age of defining their lives,” says Romeo. “It is necessary for them to know people care and want them to do well and sometimes when they do well, they are greatly rewarded, giving them the computers is just our way of letting them know this.”

“At Urban Born, we have been working with young people for over a decade,” the rapper/entertainer continued. “I started as a young kid, it’s my turn to give back. I was raised in a family that believes for what much is given, much is expected. I am happy to do this. And with corporations like Sam’s Club joining the movement, we’ll be able to reach even more inner-city kids to understand the importance of education.”

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