Lil JonAfter earning a victory during a recent challenge on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” reality show, where he’s a current contestant, rapper/producer Lil Jon took his $40,000 winnings and reportedly donated them to a children’s home in Decatur, Georgia.

The home is one his brother and sister were adopted from.

In the fourth episode of the NBC show, Jon’s team Backbone was challenged to produce a 30-second advertising spot for ACN videophone and present it to the company’s army of sales reps, which was a piece of cake for the rapper, given his past experience with videos.

As project manager for his team, Jon received $20,000 from Trump for his charity of choice, a figure that the tech company ACN matched, earning $40,000 for the United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur.

“I have a sister and a brother who were foster kids,” Jon said of the charitable donation. “My mother ended up adopting them. I feel children shouldn’t have to suffer for faults of adults.”

Jon’s team, which included actor Gary Busey and former baseball star Jose Canseco, beat out their female opponents, who include Dionne Warwick, Star Jones and LaToya Jackson.

Warwick was fired for during the episode.