Karmaloop, Mishka NYC Drop Mixtape, Tee Collabo

By Jay Casteel  |  03/30/2011

Karmaloop x Mishka

Starting this week, Karmaloop revealed plans to drop new mixtapes to its visitors each month ... until further notice, and has just released their first being with Mishka.

The release, titled "Serious Business", includes an exclusive mixtape and t-shirt package.

The mixtpae features an hour-plus mix of 54 tracks inspired by the musical worlds of grime, techno, bassline, UK hardcore and dubstep, courtesy of Digital Boy + Shark.

As part of the collabo, New York-based clothing brand, Mishka, created a tee they call the "Serious Business" Gangster Rave tee, available in both black and white.

The tee is selling for $30, while the mixtape is available for free. Head over to Karmaloop.com for more info.