VadoHarlem rapper and Cam’ron protege, Vado, has official inked a deal with Interscope Records, where he’ll be dropping his major label, solo debut.

Cam revealed the news of his protégé’s deal during a radio appearance on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 show on Monday (March 28), clarifying that he’s happy Vado can branch out on his own.

“[Vado] just signed a deal with Interscope,” Cam announced on air. “Shout out to DJ and Jimmy Iovine at Interscope; we appreciate that. I’m really excited that he’s getting the opportunity to do his thing on his own.”

At press time, terms of the deal were not disclosed, nor were plans for his debut release.

The Vado deal comes on the heels of the original Diplomats coming together for a group deal, also through Interscope, which has been rumored since October.

During Cam’s chat with Angie Martinez, giving more details about the status of the Dipset deal.

“We working with DJ and Jimmy Iovine to get the deal over there at Interscope done for us as well,” Cam explained. “It’s just a little more intricate, being that everyone is signed to a deal already. Everything’s still going, but we all just had prior obligations. Me and Vado got this Gunz ‘N’ Butta album coming out. Jim [Jones] has a solo album coming out called Capo, and Juelz is working on his mixtape.”

Cam and Vado’s collaborative album, Gunz ‘N’ Butta, is slated for April. Vado’s last release was the solo mixtape, Slime Flu, which dropped last year.