Necro figurine

Horror core rapper, Necro, has been slanging merch to his fans for years. From tees to hoodies and hats to bandanas, the New York rapper has a slew of product for his fans … and just added something unique — a Necro figurine.

On Monday (March 28), the indie rap champ — as he calls himself — dropped his “Necro Morbid” figurine, which has been released in limited supply on his official website.

The collectible figurine features Necro wearing a black “N” logo hat, a Necro logo bandana, black jeans, white and black sneakers, and a black tee that reads “The Gates of Hell.”

It is made of poly-resin, is 8 inches tall, and comes with a removable machete.

Since Necro unveiled it to his fans on Facebook, everyone has been going nuts.

“This figuring is sick!!! Always on the grind Necro! I love it,” fan Luke Wilhelm wrote.

“THATS F***ING WICKED!!!!!!!!!!” added Razza James.

The figurines are available for order at